Jul 29, 2009

Quick Health Update

I posted a few days ago and quite a bit over the last week about feeling so tired and lethargic and was wondering if it was overmedication of my thyroid or diabetes meds.

I had my bloodwork done on Monday because I am seeing my endo next Tuesday but she is on vacation til then so I thought I'd have to just suffer it out. Today was the worst day yet, I actually fell asleep at my desk and was having such a hard time breathing. I wasn't in pain or distress, it just felt like I had to take really deep breaths or yawn to get enough air in.

I called my family doctor and went to see her this afternoon. The first thing she did was check my blood work..and yep...I have too much synthroid (to control hypothyroidism) in my body. One of the symptoms of surplus synthroid is shortness of breath, rapid heartrate and fatigue.

She said to cut back to 5 pills a week. This is great news! In March I cut back from 7 to 6 a week and now I am down to 5. She said as I lose weight and control my blood sugar better, my thyroid will function better. It will probably never be "normal" and I will always need some kind of medication to supplement it but the lower the dosage the better.

She said if I skip the next two days dosage, I should feel better by the weekend and then discuss again with my endo next week to get her insight, but definitely the dosage is too high.

I am very thrilled and this is definitely a great Non Scale Victory!

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  1. That is GREAT news!!!

    Any time you are able to lower a dosage of pill is excellent news!

    Hopefully you feel less lethargic soon!