Jul 5, 2009

Vacation over...

...well it wasn't a real vacation, I just took from Tuesday (June 30-July 3) to Friday off and now its Sunday already and tomorrow is back to work life. UGH! Sundays seem to go by so quickly, don't they?

I did enjoy the time away from the office and was semi productive around the house. I cooked alot!
The last few days I have been feeling really hungry so I've been eating all the time it seems, but when I look at my tracker I haven't eaten over my points, I've just been grazing alot so maybe the little meals I was having weren't holding me over so I was eating less food more often rather than more food less often!

I was so hoping to get to my first 10% goal by the end of June , that would be 225 lbs. I'm so close I can taste it! Definitely by the end of July! I walked for about 20 minutes yesterday but haven't done any exercising today so far, unless you count walking around IKEA for half an hour trying to decide which frying pan I wanted to buy. Just in case you're interested, I ended up getting the mid priced one - $29.99 and am hoping that my 15 year old son will finally stop using a metal spatula on a teflon surface. I just threw away two frying pans that were completely scratched up from him doing that.

I just took Hungry Girl's Blueberry muffins out the oven and the whole house has this wholesome, wheaty, sweet smell..mmmmm. I shared one with Iain and they are so good! They will be my mid morning snack for this coming week at work.

Den has a headache so went to lay down for a bit, Liam is still asleep from an all night horror movie marathon so it is just me, sitting here, trying to entertain myself. I am actually also menu planning. Today is grilled beef strips with sweet potato hashbrowns and edamame and tomato salad. Tomorrow is grilled chicken with beans and rice and Tuesday is grilled halibut with some kind of salad..that's as far as I've gotten, haven't even started my lunches yet either.

Do you ever feel like all you think about is food during this journey? The last few days have seemed that way to me, if I wasn't eating, I was cooking, if I wasn't cooking I was reading cookbooks, or going through the pantry to see what we have on had, or planning menus or buying groceries or frying pans!

Oh, I did want to mention that I picked up "Hungry Girls 200 under 200" cookbook. At first I was disappointed that so many of the recipes use ingredients that are difficult, or impossible to find here (here being Toronto). The US definitely has many more fat free / sugar free products than we do. I don't think we have less obese people than the US does, but I guess our market share would be much smaller. Anyway, I did find quite a few recipes that use basic ingredients and those that I need "special" things for can wait til after I've made a trip to Buffalo where I am sure I can stock up on "Hungry Girl" staples at Super Walmart or Tops.

So far I've made, Blueberry Muffins and Fab Five Banana Pancakes, I also made an oatmeal breakfast inspired by the cookbook but didn't use the actual recipe. I sometimes use recipes as a guideline or an idea to start me off and then wing it from there. I love how I can enter a recipe in the WW recipe builder on line and it will calculate everything for me.

Ok I am just rambling here...have nothing really to say, can you tell?

I am looking forward to reading Amy's new weekly challenge post later today or tomorrow and have enjoyed reading all the recipe makeovers from the other participants - lots of ideas for point friendly meals.

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  1. Yep, I have the Sunday night blues. I've been off and on vacation since Tuesday afternoon. It's going to be hard to go back tomorrow.

    And I totally agree. It seems that everything revolves around food on this journey. But, I guess it's like that for most of us.