Jul 7, 2009


I need to find something that will prompt me to blog every day, even if it’s just a few lines. It really helps to keep me motivated when I do. I read others’ blogs but then can never think of anything to write about that will be interesting. I guess I have to remember that this blog is mostly for me, so whatever I want to write about is ok J


I think I will come up with a few categories for a couple of days so I don’t have to think about the “what” part and can just type away.  “Food Find Fridays” immediately comes to mind and I always have lots to write about food!


Today I am tired. I haven’t slept well the last few nights and today it has caught up to me. I feel “fuzzy”, you know when you feel like everything around you is moving at hyper speed and you’re in slow mo?


I am also trying to come into work at 7 so I can leave at 3 to beat the traffic. Coming in is not a problem around 8 but going home around 4-4:30 takes forever!  This morning I was here at 7:45 so I’m going to do that for this week and then aim for 7 next week.


This morning I was so unorganized, I forgot my diabetes meds, my wallet (including license and insurance) and my sunglasses.  If I am going to leave earlier I need to get more stuff ready the night before.


Without my diabetes meds, I will feel pretty crappy all day as my blood sugar will be too high but thankfully I am not insulin dependent so it’s not a life or death thing.  Hopefully I won’t get pulled over for anything on my way home tonight and won’t need my wallet and it’s overcast today so I shouldn’t need sunglasses….I am hoping this means the day can only get better from here.


Yesterday was a pretty good day on program.  I ate well although I didn’t do any exercise. I went to bed at 9 ‘cause I was so tired but then tossed and turned all night and when the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. I was still wide awake. 


Amy at www.amysquesttobeskinny.com posted the results of the first week of the 15 Week Challenge. Lots of great motivation looking at the stats!!


This week’s challenge is do a workout at the park – I think I can handle that. The article she linked to suggested using a park bench for step ups. I’m not sure how that would work, I’m only 5 feet tall, the bench is well above my knee – I don’t think I could use that as a step J  I will find something to do at the park and if I can get Liam to go with me, he can take some pics and I will post them , I am not promising though!


Eats for today:


 Breakfast - Carnation Instant Breakfast with chocolate soya milk (3)

Mid Morning - Hungry Girls’ Blueberry muffin (2)

Lunch - A chicken/veg wrap and roasted carrots/edamame (8)

Mid Afternoon - Jello pudding (1)

Dinner – Grilled haddock and vegetables (2-5 depending on which veg I do)


……but I will see how I feel when I get home, I may just have some soup and leave the guys to their own devices so I can take a long hot bath and go to bed early.


I may try taking a sleeping pill tonight. My doctor gave me some while Den was in the hospital because I wasn’t sleeping and I only used 2-3 so I have lots left. It would be nice to just crash and wake up feeling refreshed and energized tomorrow.





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