Jan 6, 2010

The Biggest Loser - Season 9

One word.


I'm not sure why. I truly wasn't feeling well last night maybe my mood affected my perception.

Some random thoughts that jump out at me:

I didn't connect with any of them. There's no one who jumped out at me that I wanted to win or that I immediately cared about. I can't even remember half their names at this point, that's how much impact they had on me. In Season 8, I immediately connected with Amanda, Rebecca, Abbey and Danny.

I didn't like the woman who was yelling during her work out, the "mom" as Gillian called her. 

The married couple in the red tee shirts, something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. The woman annoyed me when she said her husband had to step it up (after the weigh in) that he only lost 21 lbs (or whatever it was).

They have these completely unfit people running on treadmills...with no safety tether???? So when they fall off, or stumble, the treadmill throws them off and it keeps going??? What is that??? I know that most people don't use the tethers, but surely, for these people it is a real safety issue. Falling at that size is never good, let alone being thrown off - not to mention what a blow it must be to their self esteem!  That's just plain stupid. It upset me when I saw it last season as well, but this season it really pisses me off as these contestants are so much larger than in the past.

So yeah, underwhelmed. Let's see what next week brings!

Oh..and during the commercials, I marched in place since I never did get my treadmill moved or another tv.  Not quite dancing, but at least I was moving :)


  1. I watched and I thought (about the one Jillian called mom) "wow- a whole lifetime of a certain attitude changed by one day encounter with a screaming trainer- could it be Stockholm Syndrome ? Or is it just not a strong enough conviction to her previous life mission ??"

  2. I just watched an episode from season 8 this morning on OnDemand. I thought the same thing. I watched every episode of season 3 on New Years and really connected with the people that season. This group just doesn't seem to have that spark and they don't seem to mesh well either.

  3. First, good for you with the walking in place! No one really jumped out at me either, but I was working on my blog during the show lol. I couldnt believe that they had them biking 26.2 miles FIRST thing! I thought that was a bit much. Did they honestly think that was better than the one mile race on the beach first episode last year? No freaking way! But they all surprised me. I do want to see the yellow team come back. I liked the dad/daughter team, they seemed sweet (though that could send them home quick on this show! lol).

  4. Oh no-I have mine waiting for me on my computer to watch-I will watch and hope they get better next week too-bummer-

  5. I like the new look by the way!!

    I watched the last few minutes so I didn't get a chance to bond or like anyone this time.

    I wasn't glued to it last season either... Maybe the novelty has worn off for us or something.

  6. I am only half way through and a bit underwhelmed also.

    I find I usually am the first couple of shows until I get to know the people.

    I am not really into the whole exercise until you puke thing, though. Perhaps the shows are happening too often also.

    I think I would rather see about 5 shows in the beginning where no one goes and then have the season go longer??? I dunno.

  7. What do you mean the comments arent readable on my new layout? Trying to work out all the kinks! Thanks!

  8. I watched-didn't find it too bad-I bonded better with the two families sent home. Hopefully next week will be better :)

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  10. Oh and I forgot Cole & I found it completely disgusting that they made them get weighed in front of their communities-they made it like a sideshow.

  11. I got the impression that this group is more aware than any other group that they are ON A TV SHOW. It really felt like they were acting. The puking and the yelling, it all seemed kind of self conscious and false in a way.