Jan 13, 2010

Day 28 - The Beck Diet Solution

Day 28 is Weigh In Day for those following Beck's plan to a tee.

She addresses the feelings surrounding "getting on the scale". Beck says that the thoughts go in three directions:

  1. You lost what you consider to be a lot of weight.
  2. You lost what you think is too little weight.
  3. You didn't lose any weight or you gained weight.
Beck says to prepare yourself with response cards for each scenario so you can better manage your feelings and thoughts surrounding the outcome of the scale.  Then next week before stepping on the scale, review the scenarios and your responses.  In time, the scale will not dictate your feelings, you will.

This was a very short chapter - only 2 pages - but I think it's effective in the sense it reminded me that I can't predict what the scale will do and trying to do so will only lead to feeling disappointed and / or discouraged.

If you missed Day 21, go back and read it as it is a much more comprehensive review of the scale issue.


  1. :) Nice post. I really have to read this. Okay.. starting this weekend.

  2. You are doing so well with this book Enz. Very impressive!!!

  3. I know when I've lost weight in the past and then hit a wall where I lose little/none for a week or two, and in those times that stupid scale does have some power over our thoughts, doesn't it?