Jan 17, 2010

X-Weighted Challenge Week 1 Update - and other stuff.

Week 1 of the Challenge is over and I am thrilled to report that I lost 3 lbs!  I think the challenge came at just the right time; at the same time I was getting my head in gear and my actions to follow my head.

I am little confused how the reporting on the site works, it seems like it is still Week 1 on the site and there is nowhere to enter our weekly weigh ins. I did read in another blog that the weigh ins are to be recorded on Mondays....but I can't find where on the site that's posted. Doesn't matter, I'm sticking with my Saturday weigh-ins.  The last official weigh in in person is on a Saturdays so it works out perfectly.

I have to give a huge thank you and shout out to Tiffany at From 12 to 6 for her constant encouragement and support and words of wisdom when I'm falling apart.

I did really well with my calories the past two weeks and exercise as well, so now to repeat those tiny miracles to keep seeing the scale going down..that's my challenge, but I am up for it.  I had a great day yesterday and today and the weekends are always the hardest so the week ahead is looking pretty good.

Thanks to Lyn at Escape From Obesity and her challenges, I've been drinking more water and moving more and that has definitely contributed to my success the last two weeks.

I had my second tennis lesson today and I actually feel like I am hitting the ball with some purpose and knowing where it will end up, I'm quite pleased :)  All that watching Wimbledon must have rubbed off on me.

After tennis, I took a walk around the community centre because our weather was so balmy today. There was quite a steep hill going up to the main road and I decided to tackle it.  It was nowhere near as daunting as I thought, it took less than 3 minutes to go from top to bottom, yet if you had asked me before I set out, I would have said 10 minutes. It just goes to show how I make things harder than they really are.  I think I'll do it after tennis each week and startning next week go up and down multiple times, now that I know it is not as scary as it looks.

My tennis buddy, Tina, is looking into belly dancing classes for us to do together as well. I am a bit scared about that but am willing to give it a go and see what happens.  Have any of you done belly dancing? Keep in mind, my belly is considerable and does it's own dance every time I move!

I have been awarded two more blogger awards this week, and I am chuffed that you are all so nice to me.

From The Incredible Shrinking Family, I was awarded the Happy 101 Award.

    1. Copy the award to your blog.
    2. List ten things that make you happy.
    3. Do one of them today.
    4. Pass along to ten other bloggers.

    Ten things that make me happy...
    1. My family - Den, Iain and Liam - my sister and her hubby and my three beautiful nieces.
    2. My bookcrossing buddies - especially Shelley.
    3. All my books and my love of reading.
    4. Tennis!
    5. The colour of leaves in the Fall.
    6. The first snowfall of Winter.
    7. Hearing birds chirp in the morning in the Spring.
    8. The smell of coffee.
    9. The taste of hot buttered toast.
    10. New shoes.
    Ten bloggers who make me happy and inspire me every day - if you haven't read these blogs  - check them out.

    Dawne at 365 Days to a New Me.
    Tiffany at From 12 to 6.
    Erin at Glam, Glitz, Guts
    Confessions of an Undisciplined Dieter
    Fat [Free] Me
    K The Phoenix
    Tamara at One Last Kick at the Cat
    Leanne at Then You Stand
    Marisa at Loser for Life
    Kate at Getting Back to Me

    The other award was for Beautiful Blogger and you can see my previous post for that here.

    I am off to read Beck - I think today's chapter is about eating out, so I'll let you all know her views, and mine, on that tomorrow.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


    1. Hi I just wanted to say well done for getting through your first week, I noticed you follow my blog 'confessions of an undisciplined dieter' and I just wanted you to know that i really appreciate all your comments!!
      keep motivated!!
      xx April @ confessions of an undisciplined dieter

    2. what a great first week Enz, congrats!

    3. I noticed your weight earlier today. I am so excited for you, Enz.

      What a great start!!!

      Belly dancing classes would be fun as well. I wish I lived closer.

      Thank you for the award :) I appreciate you reading my blog!!

    4. Great loss!

      Congrats on making it up the hill. It is so true, sometimes our minds make things harder than they are.

      Thanks for the award! I just received it as well and had tagged you with it! I think that means we are even and have both listed our seven facts and passed it on.

    5. Thanks for the shout out Enz. You're doing so well and it looks good on you!

    6. Congrats on the loss! What good motivation :)

    7. Congrats on the 3! And thanks for all the motivation to exercise, I've been slacking in that area, and need to start back up.

    8. Great job on "the 3."

      Keep taking those steps. It's only 1 step. Then 1 step. Then 1 step again.

      Eventually, there will be 1000 steps.... and huge success (whatever that means).

    9. Congrats again-you are awesome~

    10. Congrats on the nice loss ! It always makes things seem a lot brighter when the scale falls into agreement with out efforts .

    11. That's a fantastic loss!!! What a great motivation to keep on the downward trend!!
      Keep it up!!!

    12. That is awesome!!! Congrats on your loss!

      Thank you for the award, also!!!

      I just checked out the Beck book from my library after seeing it mentioned on so many blogs (and yours, too!). I am so excited about it - such solid advice to tackle this weight loss journey for life!

    13. Great job on the three pound weight loss, and congrats on the award! I gave you one too (check my blog!). Oooh, and I have to say: I LOVE TENNIS TOO!!!!!!!

    14. Hai Enz, found you through Tamara. See some things we have in common: I'm over 40 too, love to read, am WW member and reading Beck's.

      Congrats on your loss at your first week of the challenge.

      I've added you to my google reader, look forward to reading more from you.


    15. YAY - 3 pounds is AWESOME!!!!

    16. Thanks for the award sweetness! 3 pounds down and tennis!?!?!? You are winning this Enz! So happy to watch you succeed and get inspiration from you.

    17. I know you just got this, but I am awarding you with it again! Don't worry about reposting, just know that I enjoy your blog!!!