Jan 3, 2010

What I did today.

I met my friend Shelley who is my "Beck Diet Coach" and we did a 30 minute walking DVD in her living room. Truth be told, I didn't feel like doing it, I didn't even feel like going over to her place (about a 30 min drive) but I had made a commitment to her so I did both. Why is it easier to keep commitments to other people but not myself? Aren't I as important as them? This always frustrates me.

Anyway, workout done and we are going to get together at least once a week to do some kind of physical activity and then continue on our own with the walking DVD and check in with each other as we go along.

Then I had to go to Value Village to try and find snow pants for my son. He's going on a cross-country skiing 3 day trip with his school and hasn't worn snow pants since he was 6.  I didn't find any but I did find those plastic rain pants that he will wear over layers of longjohns, trackpants and jeans to keep warm, at least he will be dry. 

I also found a really nice suit for me.  And it fit perfectly. Not just in size, but in length! I am only 5' tall so finding clothes is always a struggle, but this suit fit like it was made for me...and in size 16. Not size 16+ or 16W, just 16!  It's black with a very, very faint pinstripe.  I don't normally get pinstripe because of the height thing, but this looked really nice and the fit was so good I couldn't resist it.  I had looked at the suits because I am hoping to have more job interviews coming up in the next few months and the one suit I wore to an interview in October is big, not huge big, but big enough that I felt uncomfortable in it. I will feel so much more confident in this suit.  Just need to have it drycleaned and then it will be ready for those interviews that I AM going to get in the next few months.

Eating was wierd today. I was in a rush this morning so grabbed a bagel then had a latte for "lunch"...I only just had dinner so my calories are very low today. I'm really not hungry though but I'll have some yogurt and fruit before bed.

Tomorrow the holidays are over and I know the work day will be so very, very busy - so my goal is to take all my meals, eat well, and just breathe slowly when I get overwhelmed. It's not the work that is overwhelming, it's my manager's frenetic pace and personality when he is overwhelmed that rubs off on me.

Have a wonderful evening, I am off to read your blogs before hitting bed early tonight.


  1. I also struggle when it comes to keeping promises to myself. I think you are doing a good thing by having another person to be accountable to.

  2. I love your plan with Shelley. It's great to look forward to being with someone motivating and so supportive.

  3. Congratulations on sticking to your commitment and on your shopping finds ! I can sympathize with yout clothing problem- I am 5'6 but I need to find plus size petite skirts and pants. I have a very long torso but very short legs !

  4. keeping promises to yourself are the hardest and yet if we don't I find they can stress us out the most!
    Once you have kids I find it gets even more complicated to keep em, and yet men don't seem to run into a similar problem, at least not that I've noticed LOL
    Good luck at work, going back after vacation can truly suck! Hope you enjoyed your break :)

  5. How great that you have a coach to be there for you during this journey! I hear ya on keeping the promises to yourself. I think as women we tend to put ourselves last a lot, and that includes taking care of ourselves.

  6. Hey there! New reader here! I'm glad I found your blog and I look forward to reading about your journey!