Jan 10, 2010

Sunday Recap

I had a post written then deleted it. It had some negative thoughts that once I reread them, I didn't want to have out in the universe...so I'm trying again.

Good things about today.

  1. I had my first tennis lesson with my friend Tina. We had so much fun. I laughed ALOT, and I really needed that today. There were about 10 people in the class but it looked like only Tina and I were laughing and having fun, the others seemed very serious and stodgy.  I am going to buy a tennis racquet this week so I can practice. This course is for 9 weeks and Tina and I have a date for every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  It was good exercise, I worked up quite a sweat.
  2. Looking at the picture that Skinny Me posted on her blog today of our X-Weighted Challenge get together, I realise the yoga pants I am wearing are truly too big. I've been hanging on to them because they are really good quality and were expensive, but they are size 2XL and I am now fitting into L and they are practically falling down, I have to turn the waistband down to hold them up.  I actually look bigger in them.  Time to retire them.
  3. I have my meals packed for tomorrow.
  4. I found a Firm DVD to try out.
  5. Tomorrow is a new day.
Goodnight everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! Writing the negative things down is actually helpful, then deleting them is kinda like saying "okay, those were then, this is now" and then posting positives......moves you forward. Congrats on the 2XL being WAY too big. Def time for retirement! Hope you have a better Monday!