Jan 1, 2010

DAY 22 – The Beck Diet Solution


Day 22 is here already. It’s fitting I’m starting a new section on the first day of the New Year.

This section deals with disappointment and specifically today, the title is “Say, Oh Well, to disappointment”.

Beck reminds us that there will be days of disappointment in this journey, that we will not always feel motivated and happy about our choices. We will feel that it’s a lot of effort and work, or that the outcomes don’t mirror our expectations.

The way to combat this, she says, is to change our mindset. Accept what is disappointing us.  For example, she says to say, “Oh well, I can’t have chips on my diet” and move on. Accept it, don’t dwell on it.

She makes it sound easy. She does say it’s not and that it takes time.

It took us along time to form these unhealthy habits, we’re not going to unform overnight or even in a few weeks.  Little by little, each change will start to have an effect and as time goes by, our mindset will change.

I don’t know if this chapter really did anything to teach me how to deal with disappointment but it was a good reminder that it’s ok to be disappointed. The key is not to let the disappointment take over. The key is to move on from it.


  1. I have this book... I should start reading it also.

  2. I love your new look and blog name. Very clever! What I liked in that chapter of the book was her story about her son (I think it was in that chapter anyway). I think for me the message I took from "Oh Well" is that we shouldn't over analyze every disappointment that comes our way on this journey because there will be plenty! And if we focus on them too much, we are focussing on the negative which is usually not very productive. Whether or not that's the message as she intended it, that's what I took from it.