Jan 5, 2010

Day 24 - The Beck Diet Solution

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I had it set to autopost yesterday but for some reason it didn't, and only just realised.

On Day 24, Beck talks about Discouragement. When I first read this very short chapter, I thought, "This is the same as Day 22 - Disappointment".  Then I re-read it and it is very much related to Day 22 but on a slightly different theme. In my head, I lump discouragement and disappointment together but Beck very clearly makes a distinction.

I think the easiest way to explain it is:

Disappointment is a negative feeling about something that has already happened. For example, I'm disappointed that the scale doesn't show my hard work, I'm disappointed that I couldn't stop myself from eating 3 cookies.

Discouragement is a negative feeling that may cause me to do something that will lead to disappointment.  For example, I'm discouraged that this weight loss is taking so long, I might as well not exercise. I'm discouraged I am still wearing plus sized clothes, I might as well give up.

Beck response to discouragement is very like Stephen Covey's philosophy when overwhelmed by too many tasks...."What is the best thing I could be doing right now to further my weight loss efforts/meet my goal/work towards getting healthy (whatever your journey is)?"  Then do that one thing, right now. 

When discouragement starts to creep in, displace it with positive reinforcement (using the response cards), positive actions (doing something towards your goal) and living in the now (focus on one day, one meal, one hour at a time if you have to) until the discouragement is banished.

So, although I was disappointed in this chapter at first, I found that I could learn something from it after all!


  1. Yay! :)
    I love how you refer to those response cards, they seem to really help you and keep you focussed.... I might try that! :)
    Thanks again for your continious updates! You rock!

  2. You're an excellent student Enz. I find I am getting more out of this book "re-reading" it with you. Thanks!

  3. I agree with Tamara. I LOVE the way you break down the chapters. Once I start reading it, I'm going to re-read all your Beck posts after each chapter. It provokes thought and I like that.