Jan 30, 2010

Day Off

Today I am checking out of my life.  It's Saturday. Usually full of housework, bulk cooking and organizing, errands, bill paying and some quality time with "the boys" and a quick run to meet a girlfriend or two.

Today - nothing. I am still in my pajamas. I am not getting out of them - unless its to take a long hot bubble bath.  I got up this morning and found myself starting to clean the bathroom before I'd even had a cup of coffee - I put everything down and left it. It can wait one more day or someone else can do it.

Today I'm taking care of just me. I'm going to watch my beloved food porn on TV all day, I'm going to read my new Clean Eating book, my new mystery novel and do nothing else. There's lots of stuff in the fridge that the guys can throw together for meals. I made myself a pancake and a cup of coffee and that's as much effort as I am putting into today.

I haven't been well the last few weeks. It turns out I am severely iron deficient and to a lesser degree, Vitamin D3 deficient. This has caused extreme exhaustion and severe muscle pain for the last month.  I've started taking iron supplements and upped my Vitamin D3 and should be back to normal in a few weeks. It's amazing how much our mind affects our physical state. Even though I know its not possible for 2 days of supplements to fix the deficiencies, I feel so much better already - just knowing that I am doing what I need to do to get better.  The other part of my doctor's orders are to sleep as much as my body wants to and rest for at least two weeks.

Unfortunately, I have to work but I can fit in rest periods here and there. I've decided today will be one.

Hope your Saturday is wonderful!!!

And totally unrelated, this is my new favourite "feel good" song. The first time I heard it was on the Canada for Haiti telethon. I can't believe I've never heard this before. I play it over and over, I can't imagine ever getting sick of it:  Wavin' Flag by K'Naan.


  1. Great idea checking out of life for the day.

    I am glad you are taking care of you!!

    It is scary how much vitamins can mess you up sometimes. Glad to hear you are on the upswing.

  2. good for you for taking the day off! Enjoy it!

  3. Good for you! We all need those days. Take care of yourself and enjoy your food porn. lol P.S. Im still in my pj's too! :)

  4. hehe, those are some awesome days and we need 'em. Good for you for thinking of yourself and yep, someone else can do it, or it can wait indeed! :)
    Enjoy the leisurely day :)

  5. Enjoy yourself and get the rest your body needs.

  6. I hope you had a wonderful day off Enz. I know what you mean about feeling better just knowing you're doing something about it, whatever "it" may be. I was probably watching some of the same food porn as you yesterday! :) Love the food network.

  7. You definitely needed the day off, I hope you're feeling better!

  8. Very good that you take the day off Enz! Did you enjoy it?

    Like you I always go on and on but sometimes it's enough and you did good recognizing that and take time for yourself.

  9. Ha, I've found since I've started this weight loss thing, I watch stuff like Pizza Wars on cable where they take you inside all the best New York and Chicago pizza. I don't know why I do this to myself!

  10. You know every once and a while; every single person needs that kind of day!!

  11. Hooray for a pajama day! And some Saturdays, I even wear my pajamas to the grocery store - I don't judge! :D

    Hope you figure out the iron thing!