Nov 9, 2009 I old or what????

I didn't get to nap, I left my laptop logged into MSN and it was dinging away - there is only one contact on MSN so I knew who it was, someone I hadn't spoken to in a few weeks - so I hopped out of bed and chatted for awhile. Then the boys were complaining they were hungry so I went and made dinner - tonight was pork schnitzel with basmati rice, corn niblets and green beans. 23.5/26 points for today.

Now I'm ready for bed...honestly I am so tired. I checked my blood sugar before I ate and it was 6.1 so it still wasn't low.  Although I have to admit, I do feel better now I've had a meal - but still tired, so I'm turning in early tonight.

Will catch up to you all tomorrow!!


  1. That is an early bedtime...but your body is telling you what it needs. Hopefully a good rest will start your day on the right foot tomorrow. I know I feel cranky and irritable when I don't get enough sleep.

  2. I thought I was bad-going to bed at 8pm the other night, haha. This vacation is tiring me out but I'll take it.