Nov 28, 2009

Magic Bullet - First Impressions

Well I've used my Magic Bullet twice and I have to say, I am underwhelmed. Maybe I had too high expectations from the infomercials and other bloggers and Weight Watchers.

I used it first last night to make a smoothie - it does not crush ice. I only had 4 ice cubes in the tall cup and only two of them crushed, the other two just bounced around the cup...I tried the tapping and the shaking that the manual says to help.  Also, because the ingredients go into the top of the cup (and then its turned upside down), the ingredients that end up on the top don't seem to get sucked into the blades very well..once again the tapping and shaking didn't seem to help.

I used it again this morning to make a Green Monster. This time I used the mini blender attachment. Same thing, ice didn't crush and the spinach was left in tiny little flakes rather than completely pureed/emulsified like my regular blender which resulted in being able to taste the spinach in the Green Monster - this the first time that has ever happened. Normally the spinach is so blended/pureed/emulsified into the fruit that it is completely tasteless.

Right now, I'm thinking of packaging it up and taking it back to Costco and sticking with my regular blender.


  1. It doesn't sound great. I would probably take it back and just stick to the blender.

  2. I agree, might have been a good deal but heck doesn't sound great! So much indeed for all the commercials :(
    I'm wondering if that's why they came out with that juicer/blender thingie now...

  3. We sprung for the VitaMix (during a Costco promotion) and haven't had a moment's regret. Best. Blender. Ever. It'll crush a brick (and yes, I have made a brick smoothie... a little chalky, if you wanna know the truth).

  4. I kept my Bullet but the only thing I make in it is bread crumbs and strawberry yogurt smoothies. As it is I have to microwave the strawberries for a few seconds first but its so simple - its small enough to leave on my counter and for me creates a nice low cal treat. But that's just me.