Nov 11, 2009

Curbing binges by going Strictly Sexual

That got your attention didn't it?

A day off work in the middle of week! I did housework stuff, read, watched movies, caught up with friends on the phone and online.

Foodwise, I started out with a good breakfast.  When 12 came and I wasn't feeling hungry I decided to "give it an hour", an hour later still not feeling hungry but my blood sugar was 5.4 so I knew I should eat something. I ate two mini spring rolls and then it hit - all afternoon I could not stop eating.  I just ate and ate.  The good thing is that I ate apples, carrots, salsa and baked pita chips, low fat cheese - and I stayed within my daily points - right now I have 2 left.  When it was dinner time (tonight I made the meatballs/pasta I meant to make last night) I was so "full" that I couldn't eat and didn't want to eat.  On the one hand, what could have been a major crap-filled binge was controllable, on the other hand, I still don't like the feeling of being out of control around food and wish I could figure out what triggered this today.  It's under control now and I am confident tomorrow will be easier to manage - at least thats what I'm telling myself (fake it til you make it, right Tiff?).

Going back to Shay and The Biggest Loser for a minute, I saw the clip of her on Jay Leno and it looks like she is doing well so far. I also saw a sneak preview of next week's episode and it looks like they start next week's episode with Shay's "after".

I watched the movie, "Strictly Sexual" tonight on and loved it!  I had never heard of it and when I read the synopsis I thought it might be too sexually explicit for my sensibilities - it did have a couple of really racy scenes - but nothing over the top. The movie itself was sweet and silly and romantic and really alot of fun. Some great actors I've never even heard of.  I hardly ever watch movies and I used this tonight as a way to keep me out of the kitchen and it worked! I watched it on my laptop sitting on my bed so there was no food involved (I never take food into my bedroom).

I am sure tomorrow is going to be a busy, busy day at work. Even though I had the day off, no one else does my work - so it will all be waiting there for me. Lucky me!!!

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