Nov 8, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It is so bright outside!  What a gorgeous day. It's so wierd that the what I see outside my window in the morning can set my mood for the day.

I ended up going out yesterday to take Liam to pick up his glasses at Hakim and to pick up Den's prescriptions at Wal-Mart.  I honestly am so sick of driving!!! I drive each day to work and there are times the commute can be 1.5 hours each way. I am dreading winter and driving to work. I've never been fond of driving. Normally Den does all the driving - but with this job and his brain injury - I don't have a choice right now, thats why I try to drive as little as possible on the weekends. Some weekends I don't drive at all - heaven!!  Today I am going to meet another WW online member, Nowmotivated (hi Tina!) at Panera Bread for coffee - and I am looking forward to that. I may go a little early, take my laptop and meal plan for the week. 

Great things about Panera Bread:

1. free wifi
2. free refills on coffee and soft drinks
3. lots of delicious, point friendly foods with NI on their website
4. close to home
5. very relaxed atmosphere, comfy seats and quiet

Nothing else on the agenda today except working on my resume and two cover letters.  A job I have been waiting to be posted for almost a year, was finally posted last week and I want to ensure I at least get an interview.  I miss being a Corporate Trainer, I miss the people, the interaction, the organization, the follow up, the coaching and mentoring....I hadn't realised what a huge part of my life it was until I wasn't doing it anymore.  This position would be a return to that.  The second position is one that I heard about through a work contact and isn't actually posted but she mentioned it to me and suggested I send her my resume, so it can't hurt to network and keep options open.

I ended up using 30/26 points yesterday which is fine because I hadn't touched any weekly points as yet and I had undereaten the few days before. It all works out in the end. 

For breakfast today, I had an egg, Arnold's Sandwich Thin and a "fried tomato". It was delicious. I haven't made a breakfast like that for myself in ages, I've been eating alot of cereal and Carnation Breakfast shakes so real food was a treat :)  I think dinner is going to be roasted chicken and roasted vegetables.  Then I will have some chicken left over to make a wrap tomorrow with chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and tzaziki sauce for lunch.

I have been watching "I Dream of Jeannie" episodes on line while on the treadmill. I watch two episodes back to back and easily get in 40 minutes without even noticing.  "Major Nelson" (Larry Hagman) was my first little girl crush - I used to get my mom to do my hair up like Jeannies :) and then when Dallas came out, I think I was 9 or 10 and I fell head over heels for bad boy J.R.  And then all through high school I dated bad boys, but didn't end up with one - I am not sure how bad boys are for the long haul :) 

I swear I never know what I'm going to end up writing about .... I just start typing and it's as if my fingers are not connected to my brain and just type whatever they want :)

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Enz, I totally forgot you were on Weight Watchers too! Gotta love the 1 pt Sandwich Thins. Total happiness for me and good for you for taking time to make yourself a yummy breakfast. You've gotta do it from time to time!