Nov 6, 2009

Friday - time for bed!

Where to start? It's not that I have alot to say, just that I have alot of things swirling around my brain right now.

Let me try this:
  • Good eating day today. 26/26 points
  • Picked up groceries for the weekend so I could, if I wanted to, not leave my house again til Monday morning 
  • Got two leads/heads up about new jobs that I am interested in applying for
  • Felt skinny and pretty and sexy all day (always a nice bonus!)
  • At 2:15 my boss said, why don't you go home, its been a long week - so I did
  • Had a great conversation with a friend
  • Am missing another friend terribly
  • Ripped a ton of CDs to my laptop so I have music for the treadmill
  • Found more episodes on line of "I Dream of Jeannie
I know, totally random, useless thoughts.

Hopefully I will be more coherent tomorrow!


  1. Not useless! To the point, concise and interesting! Isn't it fun feeling skinny and sexy?

  2. Sounds very productive to me. It feels so good to start feeling good about yourself again. I am fitting into some clothes I hadn't in a while and that is enough to get me feeling good. Way to go~