Nov 10, 2009

Biggest Loser Snackage


While watching The Biggest Loser tonight, I wanted a crunchy, sweet snack. This is what I came up with – I just put everything in a ziploc bag and shook it.

It was perfect. Crunchy, sweet, filling and only 3 points – plus I surpassed my fibre requirement for the day. I’m going to make up bagged portions to grab on the go or for when a sweet craving hits.

Note: The ingredient list says semi sweet chocolate candy – the recipe builder actually lists it as semi sweet chocolate chips but when the recipe prints it says candy (I think its a US thing about the rules for calling something “chocolate”).  The dried cranberries was also 1 tsp but I didn’t have the option of putting that into the recipe builder (unfortunately its not very flexible).



Ok, so what’s the deal with not showing Shay’s progress? Was it because she did so well they want to save it for the finale? Or, was it because,  as my son said, “She epic-failed Mom”?  It was interesting that when she went home this time, she had a huge welcoming party and the last time her family acted like they didn’t even know who she was or why she was there.

Amanda has been my favourite since Day 1 and I am so glad she’s still there. I am loving Danny’s strength and tenacity and perseverance as well.

I noticed something funny tonight. All the women looked taller from their before photos. The reason this stood out to me is that lately, my legs have looked longer. Now this is funny because I am only 5’ tall and my legs are very short.  I realised, this morning, that my legs look longer because when I sit down – my stomach isn’t covering halfway down my thighs. I actually have a lap now. I can actually put my laptop on my lap!  So – when I am at goal weight, will I look 6’ feet tall?

A girl can dream!

Today is the end of my WW week and I used 31/26 points today.  Over the week I used 13.5/35 Weekly Points. I don’t know how many activity points as I don’t track them so I don’t eat them!  If I had a scale,  tomorrow would be weigh in day.  But I am feeling good. My clothes fit better, my waist is now 36.75 inches (down from 44 inches starting) and my blood sugar is staying steady and in the optimum range.  I’m feeling good about this past week and ready to tackle the week ahead – one day at a time.


  1. Snack sounds delicious. I've made similar trail mix before.

    I wondered the same thing about Shay. But, then she was on the Jay Leno show and she's lost 50 more lbs since. She's been working out 4 hours a day on work days and 6 hours a day on one of the other days with one day off. She wasn't my favourite, but I'm glad she's done well.

  2. I've got lots of questions about Shay. Her story was that she had no one, no support at home, nothing... And then she had the guy who they didn't call her husband and then all of sudden she had a husband and step kids (and a wedding ring). She's 320 or so now. I think she'll be Daniel and they'll bring her back for the next season.