Nov 9, 2009

Monday Madness - NOT

Happy Monday :)

Today is starting off to be a good day.  I had cereal for breakfast and brought a chicken wrap for lunch.

Starting today, work should be much less stressful because the one person in our team who we called "Mr. Slacker" has left and we have a new person who is much more reliable, conscientious and knows her job!  This will take a ton of stress off me having to deal with him, as well as having to fix his mistakes and clean up his work.

I am also sending out resumes at lunch time today and meal planning since I didn't get that done last night.

Not sure what is for dinner, I have some veal schnitzel in the fridge that looks good and have it with rice and some kind of vegetable.

I can't believe how well I am sleeping lately, I am getting 8 hours of solid sleep and it is making a huge difference in how I feel about everything as well as my tolerance/patience with life's ups and downs and helping to steady my blood sugar.  There are so many positive side effects of just losing these 37 lbs that have nothing to do with a number on the scale or how I look in my jeans and I think focusing on and relishing and appreciating these changes will keep me motivated and positive through the struggles.

1 comment:

  1. I read somewhere that people who get at least 8 hours of sleep every night are less likely to be overweight. Weird that sleeping and weight is related.

    Loved your positives, aside from the scale number!