Nov 7, 2009

Saturday's Revelations

Morning World!

It looks cold outside. I haven't gone out yet though. It's supposed to be a lovely weekend in the Toronto area, Fall's last hurrah so I am planning to enjoy it with no real plan - just go with the flow and see where the weekend takes me.

I woke up starving this morning which is a good sign that my metabolism and blood sugar/insulin are on the right track.  I had some Flax Plus cereal which, in hindsight, was probably not the best choice. I find cereal leaves me feeling hungry in 1-2 hours, it has no staying power at all - probably because there isn't enough protein.  But I felt like something crunchy - so that's what I chose.

As I am sitting here at the family computer, I see mini-chocolate wrappers on the desk.  I just realised, I got through Halloween without eating ANY Halloween candy. This is definitely a lifetime first!!!  I had bought candy for shelling out and for my sons and some friends' children but I didn't eat even one piece.  I didn't even think about eating one piece. I didn't even mindlessly eat one piece!!!  Normally I eat an entire bag before Halloween even gets here - just one here and there - and before I know it, the bag is empty. I always have some of the boys' loot, but this year although it's been in the kitchen for a week now, I've walked by it and haven't even been tempted. This is truly a change in attitude about candy/chocolate.  In the past, I've made decisions not to have any and have had some success - but this year I didn't even need to think about it. It wasn't even on my radar.  It's also the first year that I didn't have several big, birthday dinners complete with chocolate fudge cake. This year was very low key, I had lunch with a friend and some ice cream at Coldstone and I was good. The next night my family wanted to take me out, but we made a nice dinner at home and watched a movie - no need for dessert. 

It's really interesting to see changes happening without even realising they are happening.


  1. Very cool...recognizing changes that are huge successes for you!

  2. I think it's AMAZING that you didn't have one halloween chocolate. What's even better is that it didn't occur to you to have one. I'd say those are some very positive changes.