Nov 22, 2009

Sweat in my eyes - better than tears, I guess!

I worked out on the treadmill with Paul Plakas again tonight.  You know what, he's got a really cute smile, but man, he is hard as nails. He does not give an inch!!!

So I did 30 minutes and 1.33 miles which is .08 miles more than yesterday in the same time.  And after dinner, I'll do Day 2 of the The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jumpstart workout.

The treadmill and aquafit are the only two forms of exercise that I have ever seemed to stick with consistently.

The one thing I HATE about it though is that sweat falls into my eyes and damn, it stings!  My hair is just above shoulder length but is cut in reverse layers - so the front is longer than the back - which means i can tuck the front behind my ears but it is too short to put up out of my eyes.  Ideas, people! I need ideas!  I usually keep a facecloth on the treadmill to wipe my face as I go along and I sweat - ALOT!

Dinner tonight is a homemade turkey burger and some pan grilled zucchini. 

I am working on my own version of something like Arnold's Sandwich thins for 1 point each. I love Arnold's and when I go to Buffalo I'll buy 4 packages at a time and freeze them.  I use them for everything; toast, in place of burger/hotdug buns, in place of bagels, for sandwiches, for mini pizzas.  However, there are alot of "artificial" ingredients in them and I think I've been working on recreating my own version for 1 point with no artificial ingredients or even 2 points would be acceptable to me if it was a clean, natural, whole food. I'll keep you posted.

A few months ago, I made my own version of Larabars - loved them.  A little too much. They are very, very high in points and high in natural sugars and since I am diabetic, they are too much of a temptation to have "in the house" I stopped making them.

Off to read a bit before dinner.


  1. !!!!!! Go YOU!

    Way to go on the treadmill!!!!!!!!

  2. When you get that recipe worked out, SHARE! lol

    About sweat in the eyes--I went to three different stores and finally found the ugly, dorky sweat bands. Yes, I wear them. Doing my 80s/90s exercise tapes, complete with sweatband--I'm such a dork. I just don't care what I look like, tough, because not having sweat in my eyes is wnoderful.

    When I hop on my rebounder, I use the sweatband to hold my ear buds in place. lol They're really quite handy.

    Glad I can read your blog now! =)

  3. LoL @ Jo...LOVE the image!
    My hair's gotten luckily long enough now, and no more cutting it either, I'm finally happy with the length!
    Previous to that I would like make tiny little ponytails all over my head and then try tying them together in little groups...quite the image too and really, I'd wish I had Jo's headband now!!! :)
    And love the title, true indeed! :)

  4. Check this out. Then contact me. I know how to get them.