Nov 24, 2009

Bloggy Problems and E CookBook Winner

Only one person entered my giveaway, so she's the winner - Kimberley at K The Phoenix. Thanks Kimberley! Please send me your email address and I will put the order in for Jenn to email you the E-Cookbook directly.  Enjoy!!!


I loved my new template, but its just not working, some people can't see it, some people can't leave back to default for a bit.

I think I will contact The Blog Fairy as a Christmas present and get her to do a "proper" blog page for me.

Thanks for all your nice comments yesterday everyone.  I'm posting them here because they were so nice and I want to share!!

Great Attitude Enz! Its so hard at the end of the day when something happens/feel off, to get through a workout...or even want to workout. And YOU DID it! NEVER GIVE UP!
I LOVE your blog background! Id have it too, but I dont want to copy yours! lol :)

Sorry I had to email this to you, I wasnt able to verify the word when I tried to leave a comment on your blog! 

Have a great day!
Kristina (the Incredible Shrinking Woman)

From Tiffany:  

Hey Enz,

Just wanted to let you know that I tried to leave you a comment earlier and it didn't work. I got to the part with the word verification, but then there was no box to type the word in.

Anyway...I was just basically saying good for you for doing the treadmill workout even though you didn't want to. It's that kind of attitude that's oing to help you reach your goals. Woot!


  1. awww....your blog rocked! I tried downloading a blogger template pretty cool too but no go :(
    Too bad... I sorta enjoyed opening your blog from my cell and seeing that tree shape in the mug of cappuccino (or likewise beverage!)
    I had some probs leaving a comment the other day but after keeping on clicking it took me down to the word verification, took me a while though! Who even invented that stupid thing anyhow?

  2. I loved the new format too, but I was also one of the people who couldn't comment (I tried on each of the last two posts). Sorry you can't have the prettyness right now, but the blog fairy sounds like a good idea for the near future! :)

  3. Sometimes I saw your new layout, but sometimes it was like a black out!

    I am so excited about winning your giveaway. I am jumping up and down! Thanks.

    My email address is kimberley66ann@hotmail

    Thanks again for the great prize!

  4. I can finally leave a comment and now I can't remember what I wanted to say-haha-I'm sure it was wise and inspirational, haha. You rock. I was thinking of blog fairy too.

  5. I have been reading, but also have had problems leaving comments due to word verification. I left you comments on my comments sections, hoping you would see. The new look was classy, but comments are a necessity! Glad you are doing well!!!