Dec 31, 2009

Food Review - Pop Chips

Pop Chips

I have heard about these on several other blogs and saw them in Costco tonight. They only had one flavour - Cheddar Potato - and thought they might be a healthier alternative to chips for the New Year's Eve snacking.

These chips are never baked or fried..they are POPPED!

I dutifully counted out 31 chips and am slowly munching on them. First thing, they are very salty!!! More salty than potato chips.  That's kind of a good thing because I am not going back for a second helping of another 31 chips and I am drinking lots and lots of water.

I don't know if I love them - I think I'll give another flavour or two a try before I decide if they're becoming a pantry staple.

They are super crunchy, airy and light though.

Nutrition info for Cheddar Potato:

Disclaimer - I was not given Pop Chips by the manufacturer or any one linked to the manufacturer nor asked to review them.


  1. I'm loving the new look!!! What a perfect way to start the new year. And I like the clever title. Fun, Fun, Fun! I already want a new look. But, I'm not going to do it until I get to a size 6, because then I will have to change the focus of the blog. Plus it will be a reward for achieving my goal.

    2010 will be our year!

  2. I love the new blog look!!!
    I wasn't fussy for these chips either..I am so salt sensitive by the time I ate the last chip, my wedding rings wouldn't move *GRR* So, I haven't bought them again!