Jul 2, 2012

Day 1 Interruptus

Today was meant to be my start of the Whole30 Challenge but it's not working out. First off, I haven't finished the book - which really doesn't need to stop me, I get the basic rules:

No sugar (including artificial sweeteners)
No grains
No legumes
No dairy
No alcohol

I haven't prepped properly - I am spending today cooking meals for breakfasts and lunches and also boiling eggs and peeling carrots, steaming vegetables etc.  I want to be ready - I don't want to have built in excuses.  I eat very close to this way already, but in a pinch, I'll grab a slice of whole grain bread and natural peanut butter for a quick snack or hummus and carrot sticks or a glass of milk with protein powder - so I need to have stuff ready or at least plan for to substitute quick snacks / meals on the go.

Looking at what I know of the plan so far, there will be two hard parts of the challenge for me:

1. Giving up Coke Zero. I am addicted to the caffeine and fizz - I swear. I have given it up before for weeks at a time so I know I CAN, but it's hard. It's my go to drink when I'm stressed and just want something icy cold to relax with.

2. Breakfast - For over three years I've had a whey protein shake every morning. I used to have it with skim milk but now I mix with water as dairy is causing issues with rosacea. I need to have a go to breakfast ready the night before. I get up really early and if I don't have something ready and let my blood sugar go too low - I will eat whatever is easy and appeals to me at that moment. I seem to lose all control around food when my blood sugar is low, so I already know I cannot let that happen in the mornings.

So today is all about figuring out a plan to be succesful the next thirty days. Of course I would like to see some weight loss - I've been stuck at about 195 for three months and would like to see the 180's before the end of the summer!  But, I am hoping that eating this way will also convince me I can eat satisfyingly without grains/legumes/dairy and also that I will just feel better, as well as clear up the rosacea and help me run faster.

So...tomorrow is Day 1 - for reals!!!

1 comment:

  1. I had to start a day later than planned too. :)

    Could you find a way to still do your protein shake? I know in the vegetarian section they do talk a bit about protein powders (I kinda skimmed that section, so I can't really remember.) You could mix it with water and a bit of lite coconut milk?

    Anyway, good luck! Hope the morning is going well! :)