Jul 3, 2012

Day 1 - Whole 30

Today's food was all cooked/packed last night. At 8:30 I was fighting the Coke Zero monster, my preferred way to get caffeine on a summer morning. My water bottle was refilled all day and I just plowed through. I had a short grocery list for Loblaws at lunch time; coconut oil, coconut flakes (unsweetened of course) and some coconut milk (going try that in my coffee tonight). I thought I could get almond milk but when I read the ingredients there was a whole bunch of stuff other than almond milk - even in the organic brand! I didn't look at the refrigerator brands. I'll check those next time. I found olive oil mayo but it really wasn't - it was a blend of canola and olive oil :(

Breakfast - Groundbeef / sweet potato hash I stole from Andrea's blog.

Lunch  - Boiled egg, homemade vegetable soup (cabbage, onions, carrots, zucchini, spinach and sweet potatoes in homemade chicken stock), strawberries

Snack - Raw almonds and an apple

Dinner - Grilled haddock, stir fried vegetables (same as in the soup, I prepped everything last night)- I stir fried the veggies in coconut oil. It gave the veggies a subtlety of sweetness.

The plan actually discourages snacking but my lunch is at 12 and I don't eat dinner until around 7 and I think that's too long to go without eating when I'm awake - I really have to watch my blood sugar doesn't go low, so I'm sticking with an afternoon snack at least for this first week and will reassess next week.

Breakfast held me over until lunch time. The casserole hash was good. I'm really not a meat lover but I'm trying to keep an open mind about different meats and what is "breakfast".

Challenges today - Slay the Coke Zero monster. Plan meals for tomorrow.  Also, it feels wrong to not be counting calories or points or putting my food into MyFitnessPal.

I got home with a splitting headache, caffeine withdrawal I'm sure. I made a cup of coffee with coconut milk. It was.....different. But it did ease the headache. Still drinking lots of water with lemon.

Good thing - Liam loved the fish and veggies!!! I was worried I might have to cook extra grains for him but he seems ok with tonight's meal.

This whole challenge will be about planning for me to get it right and keeping an open mind to eating more meat.

Bring on Day 2.

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  1. Sounds like a good first day! I like the veggies stirfried in coconut oil too. When I'm back to eating dairy, I like to stirfry up diced apple and walnuts in coconut oil, and then throw it over greek yogurt for breakfast. SO GOOD.

    Great job forgoing the Coke Zero. That's a tough one. Just keep drowning it by drinking lots of water. :)

    Have a great day tomorrow!