Jul 18, 2012

Day 16 - Whole 30

What an odd day!

I was so hungry all day right up until about three o'clock.

Today's eats:

Breakfast: whey powder protein shake, water, coconut milk

Snack: cashews, apple

Lunch: two burger patties with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard - green salad no dressing; strawberries

Snack:  cashews, two dates

Dinner: cashews, two dates

Yeah so dinner sucked a little. After being hungry all day I came home from the Running Room, had a shower, a cold drink and some cashews and the dates and was done. No appetite. Nothing appealing to me and no mood to eat. So...unless I get hungry before bed, this is it for today! A lot of fruit today. Not intentional  but because I was so hungry, that was all I had at work with me.


  1. I guess we had the same kinda night last night -- no appetite! You shoulda had HOT DOGS! :D

  2. I've since realised this was PMS week but instead of having the usual crazy sugar cravings, I had hunger cravings...which kind of makes sense as this is the time our bodies are storing calories to get ready to be pregnant. Now I know what it is, I'll be better prepared next month and will eat a little more. But considering it was one day of hunger and not 3 days of sugar craziness...that's pretty awesome.

  3. Don't think you are eating enough there.