Jul 12, 2012

Day 10 - Whole 30

One third of the way there!!!
Admittedly I had reservations, when I started, about seeing this through for the whole thirty days; about even making one week. The key is to wake up each day and just do it.
The first week was all about planning around leaving out grains/sugar/dairy and weaning off Coke Zero. This week it’s more about fitting in the good fats and eating more vegetables. So there’s a definite shift in attitude there.
Yesterday, I told my doctor about doing this plan and she was very supportive and encouraging. I also told her about the “digestive” issues I’ve been having pretty much non stop, although there is a day here and there where I’m ok, the next day will be worse. She said that the increase in fat and meat will take some getting used to and even suggested that I might not “like” meat because it just doesn’t agree with my body. She has recommended taking a digestive enzyme for the rest of the challenge to see if it makes a difference. She said they don’t work for everyone and I may not notice a difference at all, but it definitely won’t make it worse.
I will start them this weekend.
There’s a blog post on the Whole9 site about being meat-challenged. These are things I have done on a regular basis for as long as I can remember, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t…but they are all worth trying if you have texture issues with meat the way I do.
Will keep you posted!
Today’s eats:
Breakfast: whey protein powder, water, light coconut milk, 1 tsp cocoa
Lunch: leftover meat sauce from last night; raw vegetables (cauliflower, red pepper, green pepper, tomatoes, red onion), steamed rapini – tossed with olive oil; strawberries; 1 date
Snack: apple; almonds
Dinner: western omelette (3 eggs, ham, green pepper, hot pepper, onions, mushrooms); salsa; fried mushrooms

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  1. Way to go, 1/3 of the way there! Amazing!