Jul 18, 2012

Running Room 20 Minute Challenge

There was a great turnout for this event! Kids, families, dogs, experienced runners, walkers, instructors, clinic students, free run people. We ran 10 minutes down Cootes Drive (all downhill) then turned around and ran back up. It was 30C plus  humidity and this is the first time I've run since  the Canada Day race on July 1st. I've been walking because of the heatwave we're in. Anyway, I did well the first interval, how could I not, going downhill? Coming back up I made it to about 7 minutes and then started to feel nauseous. Most likely the heat. So I walked the rest of the way back. It was fun,  I got to talk to someone I've met before but never really said more than hi to and I saw  Leigh, Bev and Pauline for a few minutes as well as Leigh's little guy who has stolen my heart!

Prior to the run, I had walked about 1.5k from the bus stop to the Running Room in that heat in my office clothes, but thankfully I had about 45 min to cool down and drink some water before we headed back out.

And I got my free hat!
This is me, after the run, its rosacea that makes my face go bright red after exercise, not a near heart attack, I promise!


  1. Nice hat! About to update my day!

    It was killer hot but I am glad I went.

  2. Nice job! I get red in the face like that too.

  3. Ha! I love your rosacea disclaimer...I have it too and have always turned a bright scarlet hue in the rosacea zones on my face with everything from drinking coffee to aerobic type exercise.

    Sounds like a good event!

  4. Like the hat.

    Looks like a fun day.