Jul 9, 2012

Monday Ramblings

How do Mondays come around so fast?
The last few weeks I seem to have lost track of the days. For a few days I was very ill with the flu and I slept almost all day and night and since then I’ve not been able to get my head back in the Monday-Friday game. As well, with Liam home now for the summer, there’s no weeknight routine for me. I have to invent a new one!
Everything is out of kilter.
Running has been off schedule as well. My normal running schedule is :
·         Monday: Running Room Clinic
·         Wednesday: Running Room Practice
·         Friday: Run by myself or sometimes with other Running Room girls
·         Saturday: Run or walk by myself
·         Sunday: Running Room Practice
The week I had the flu, I went to the Running Room Clinic on the Monday night, then I was sick all week but did run on the next Sunday for the Downsview Canada Day Race  and considering how crappy I felt, I did really, really well – so this was in place of the Running Room practice.
I didn’t run the next day at the Running Room Clinic because the location was changed and it was going to take me almost an hour to get to the location for a 30 minute run and then an hour to get home again. So I walked 5k that day, it was also a really hot day.
Last Wednesday was just too hot to run so I ended up walking that evening as well.
Friday night I was out in the evening so did not run or walk, except for a really short walk to meet my friend Leigh to get a ride to dinner.
Saturday I walked.
Sunday I didn’t go to the Running Room again because it just takes too long to get there and back by public transit from my house. By the time I got out to run on my own it was super hot again so I ended up walking.
Today is the Running Room Clinic again but I can’t go because I have a medical appt after work and I can’t make it on time, it will be too late. I will have the same problem this Wednesday.
Mostly, I am managing without a car (with lots of help from good friends) but the location of the Running Room is awkward to get to by public transit from where I live. 15 minutes by car but 2 buses – with a short walk and a waiting time in between – make it 45-60 min to get there to run for 30-45 min and then transit it home again. It’s just too much time spent for something that is supposed to fit easily into my life. I had planned on doing the 10k Running Room Clinic in August but I am not sure now. I am going to have to be more committed/disciplined about running on my own again and sticking to a schedule. It’s easier for me to do that when I have someone to run with, but I have to find a way to make it work on my own. Running endurance and pace are lost really quickly and I’m already slower than average. And, I haven’t found anything to replace yoga yet either.
This weekend I am going cross border shopping on Saturday but on Sunday I want to explore my neighbourhood a little more and see if I can find access to the rail trail that goes up the side of the mountain from downtown. I know where it starts and where it ends (both are too far to me to walk to and then run and then walk back on a regular basis) but I’m thinking there must be an access from somewhere in the middle.
Food is going well and because of the heat I am getting in a lot more fluids than I normally do. I’m also on day 7 of no Diet Coke/Coke Zero/Diet Pepsi (or any artificial sweeteners). When the craving for fizzy and cold hits, I have soda water with lemon, lime or orange slices and lots of ice. So far, so good!


  1. Good for you on the no soda thing...

    I am not sure I could do it and I for sure could not manage no coffee...

    I am so glad that you are still blogging... it is welcoming to see some friends around here.

  2. Congratulations on 7 days without artificial sweeteners!

    I hope you settle into a new schedule and routine soon, Enz. :)

  3. Congrats on being diet soda free! I've fallen in like with sparkling water with raspberries and mint instead of drinking pop.