Jul 15, 2012

Day 13 - Whole 30

I started taking the digestive enzymes today. Hopefully it will help. I read somewhere, I can't remember which site, that people without gallbladders have difficulty digesting meat products and fat and  digestive enzymes are recommended. I'll keep you posted.

Today's Eats:

Breakfast: Whey protein powder mixed with water and light coconut milk

Snack: cashews and 1 date

Snack: grapes and 1/4 apple

Dinner: homemade beef soup (cubed sirloin steak, green beans, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes simmered in homemade vegetable broth); iced coffee with light coconut milk; sweet potato chips (sweet potato sliced thinly, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted until crisp)

With the soup I was trying reinvent my mom's beef stew that I have made many times, but leave out the thickening agent (Bisto) and the peas and potatoes.

The sweet potato chips were a request from Liam for "Veggie Stix", a commercial snack that is basically vegetables cut into matchsticks then fried. I thought these may be close enough for him to enjoy and I was right but getting them crispy without burning them is tricky. I don't consider these paleo-fying a food because I could have cut them into chunks and roasted them and they would meet the Whole30 rules, so cutting them into thin slices shouldn't violate any rules. It's still a whole food with an approved fat.

I feel like I ate hardly anything today, but I never felt hungry.

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