Jul 5, 2012

Summer Stuff

Nothing new in my world since the weekend. I am feeling like I am finally over this flu bug and have some energy back.
It’s been too hot for me to run this week so I’ve been going for walks later in the evening when it’s cooler. There isn’t a trail for running near my home so when I run it has to be on concrete, which is less than kind to my knees so I try to do that only as a last resort.
Summer is ramping up and I have lots on my social calendar. This is  unusual for me and those of you who know me personally know how introverted and non-social I really am! But, I am making an effort to do more with people who are important to me – life is too short, right? I am easily overwhelmed by too much company and busy-ness and then retreat, so finding a balance is my goal this summer.
Tomorrow night is a get together with my running crew and our adopted Parisienne, Pauline. She is making us a traditional French meal – chicken basquaise – it sounds delicious and I am looking forward to the company and evening out.
Saturday I am meeting my friend Shelley for lunch and I’m hoping I can get her to swing by Whole Foods with me so I can pick up a few things.
Sunday, I really, really want to get out for a hike to see the waterfall near my home – but the bus schedule for that route is not great on Sundays so I’ll have to see if I can make it work.
Next weekend I am getting together with some friends from my old workplace to see meet a new baby.  I love babies so I am really looking forward to this, then the next day I am doing a Buffalo trip with two different friends. Then there is at least one barbecue in July and one at the beginning of August as well. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I’ll have to look at my calendar to be sure.
I have no races planned right now but am looking at the Dundas Cactus Festival 5k – I just need to confirm logistics – for August.
Food is going well although I am still hovering around 193-195. I did go down to 191 last week when I was very sick with the flu and not eating, but it wasn’t a real loss so I was not disappointed to see my weight return to 193 a few days later.


  1. Busy busy! You sound like me with being introverted & getting overwhelmed when there starts to be too much on the calendar. I think I had a bit of that going on for May and June cause I seemed to always be going somewhere. I'm hoping July is a calmer month but it sounds like you have some fun plans at least!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. Talking about the waterfall hike reminded me of my honeymoon. We went to the Poconos and there is an area with several waterfalls. There were three different trails you could take. The third one took you past all of the waterfalls but was considered a difficult hike. My husband insisted we do that one because he wanted to see all the falls. I thought I was going to die. It was awful, I felt awful and I wasn't nearly as fat as I am now. Not my ideal honeymoon!

  3. Sounds like a nice summer shaping up! That hike to a waterfall sounds beautiful. And that French dinner sounds delicious!!

  4. Chicken basquaise is SO good! I had that in France a few months back. I'm drooling as I write this!