Jul 22, 2012

Day 20 - Whole 30

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Day 20. 10 days to go.

Wow. That's all I can say.

Eats for Day 20

Breakfast: pulled beef hash; fried egg; cantaloupe

I used some of the left over pulled beef from yesterday and sauteed with diced sweet potato and my favourite trio of onions, green peppers and hot peppers just until the sweet potatoes were soft and topped it with a sunny side up fried egg. It was as good as any diner hash I've ever had and I didn't miss the toast. The yolk mixed with the meat and vegetables and was creamy and delicious. Liam LOVED it and wanted more but I had served what I made on two plates and there were no "leftovers", he asked if we could have it for lunch later! The cantaloupe was perfect for cleansing the palate after the smokiness of the beef.

There's a BBQ restaurant that we go to, Hillbilly Heaven, in Hamilton that serves humongous portions. We had lunch there yesterday and both had leftovers to bring home.  We paid $8.65 for each of our lunches, and we both had lunch, dinner and breakfast this morning and there is still some meat leftover. Insane! I don't know how they stay in business.  I like it there because they don't add anything to the meat except salt before smoking it and then they serve it smoked with sides of sauces and kaiser rolls so I can eat just the meat plain to meet the Whole30 rules and their coleslaw is creamy, but yesterday I  asked for some "raw" and I just ate the coleslaw mix with a little olive oil and lemon juice drizzled over it. Perfect Whole30 meal.

Lunch: cauliflower soup

Cauliflower, onions, hot peppers and garlic simmered in homemade chicken stock (made from bones), then pureed in the blender. Salt and pepper to taste. That simple. And that good! This meals needs more protein but since I was eating just before running, I only had the soup and decided to fill up on more protein at dinner. But..then we had a torrential downpour,  lightening, thunder, heavy rain that did not let up and now at 8 pm is still going strong so running never happened!

Dinner: two hotdogs, fried onions with mustard; coleslaw

Ok...so the hotdogs. True story. I was watching "You Gotta Eat Here" because it was featuring a restaurant that we used to go to as a family all the time, Flapjacks in Caledon, but the feature before Flapjacks was a hotdog restaurant in Alberta and they did hotdogs up in some crazy ways...and that got me wanting a hot dog! I am easily influenced apparently. Watching Flapjacks made me long for the time when my boys were little and we'd go there as a family on Sunday mornings and Iain would always order the same thing and Liam would always order something different and they would end up sharing.  Well..at least it didn't drive me to pancakes and banana bread!!

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