Jul 11, 2012

Day 9 - Whole 30

Starbucks Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk ~ ask for no syrup or dairy!

Looking over my meals the last few days I noticed I've let the vegetables slip a bit. The two meals that I ate out did not have as many vegetables as if I had made my own meals, so I need to get right back on that before I start feeling hungry and wanting to substitute with grains and dairy. I was even eating vegetables with breakfast for the first week.  Two meals today didn’t have any kind of vegetable at all. Plan better, Enza! And I am slacking on adding the good fats to every single meal – this is actually harder for me than cutting out the grains and dairy.

The last few days I have developed a decidedly un-appetite though. This usually happens to me when I am extremely tired, so I don’t know if that’s the reason or if it’s from cutting the grains. There have been days where I don't feel hungry at all. I never used to be able to go from breakfast to lunch without a snack. I would have my protein shake for breakfast around 730 and by 1030 I would feel my blood sugar drop and be hungry, if I could push it out to 11, I’d start feeling ill, light headed and ravenous. The shake was made with protein powder and water and has 5g of carb per scoop, so I could never understand it because normally when I eat more carbs I crave more carbs, this is was a low carb start to my day.  Since starting this challenge, I’ve been putting light coconut milk into my protein shake and I think that has made the difference in being able to get to 12 and sometimes later, without feeling hungry.

I hadn’t planned dinner again, which is always a mistake for me because I either eat the wrong things or eat nothing. I will spend some time tonight planning meals for the rest of the week. I had forgotten that this Saturday I’m going to Buffalo with some friends for shopping and that means 2 meals eaten out. Argh!!! I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this one yet – I need to think on it.

Friday night I am not going home and will instead, stay in Toronto with my friend so we can leave right from her place to go to Buffalo on Saturday. So now that’s 4 meals out. This is going to be a challenge and I need to have a plan to deal with all the salt/sugar/fat that is in oversized US restaurant meals!

I was reading parts of It Starts With Food again last night and it mentions that tiredness and sleeping more is normal in the first two weeks, so I’m hoping this is what I am going through and it will get better once I pass the two week mark. Although I am sleeping much better, I also want to sleep more and with my long work/commute days, going to bed early means I have little time for much else.

When I had lunch with my friend Tiffany yesterday, it was hard to order food and ask the server questions without telling Tiffany what I’m doing and I felt like I was deceiving her because we’ve shared so much during this weight loss journey, but I honestly feel like the more people I tell the more pressure I will be under…which is dumb because Tiffany is not judging me at all and has never been anything but supportive and encouraging – no matter how many times I “start over” or try something different.

I had two wins today. We had cupcakes for my co-workers birthday and I didn't even think about having one! I just passed the box to the next person. I didn't look at them, think about them, think about taking one bite, think about sharing one. DID NOT THINK ABOUT THEM!

For dinner I made the zucchini noodles with meat sauce but made pasta for Liam. To check doneness I put a piece in my mouth bit into it and then spit it out. My Nonna is probably rolling over in her grave.

Today’s eats:

Breakfast: whey protein powder, water, light coconut milk; iced coffee with light coconut milk

Lunch: ham; cantaloupe

Dinner: meat and tomato sauce (ground beef, diced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, hot peppers) over zucchini “noodles”; iced coffee with light coconut milk

Zucchini noodles with meat/tomato sauce
Steamed zucchini is the perfect texture of al dente pasta!

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  1. Regarding the not getting hungry -- I have the same thing. I eat breakfast around 8am and sometimes don't get to lunch until 2. I used to be STARVED by 12.

    Have you seen the blog Mark's Daily Apple? He advocates a version of Paleo called "Primal" which is a bit more lenient and allows for a bit of dairy (for those who can tolerate it), red wine, dark chocolate, etc. Anyway, he has this whole thing about being 'fat-adapted'. Basically what it means is that after you eat this way (paleo or primal) for awhile -- takes about 1-3 weeks, it seems -- your body gets to a point where it doesn't rely on glucose for energy anymore, and instead can tap into all the fat stores you have in reserve.

    (Which, I guess the argument is, is how our bodies were originally intended to work anyway -- cavemen wouldn't have always had food available, but they could live for long periods without eating because their bodies could store fat.) SUPPOSEDLY for that reason this is a great plan for diabetics or people with insulin problems, but obviously take that with a grain of salt. :)