Jul 25, 2012

Day 23 - Whole 30

One week to go! I'm so psyched that I have stuck with this. Some days are easier than others, but overall, it is much easier than I thought it would be when I started. The days are flying by! I've been neglecting my real blog so once this is over, I think I'll merge these posts into that one and my plan is to continue eating as close to Whole 30 as possible all the time, with some lessening of the restrictions for when I eat out or at someone else's home, although I've managed eating out pretty well so far so it may not be as much lessening as I think. I will try adding back small amounts of dairy like sour cream, cheese on a burger or salad, some yogurt with berries etc. I'll have to test it and see how I tolerate it and how it affects the rosacea and my stomach.

I really wish someone had told me about digestive enzymes a long time ago!

Although I overslept by about half an hour this morning, I am feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Should I be worried that I am never hungry in the evenings? My endo used to tell me that when someone didn't feel hunger it meant their metabolism was shutting down because I used to be able to go all day without eating and then once I ate, I'd be hungry all the time. Now I know that is the effect of insulin and blood sugar but what is causing it now?

Eats for Day 23:

Breakfast: protein whey powder, water, light coconut milk; iced coffee with light coconut milk; banana

I woke up hungry this morning, probably because I didn't have any real protein last night so I added a banana to my breakfast. The protein shake has 35g of protein so it's more than enough to balance with the banana and the coconut milk has lots of fat!

Lunch: salad (spinach, romaine, red onions, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, red/green peppers, 1 egg with olive oil/lemon); orange; 2 dates

Dinner: 2 eggs; pork belly rashers; mushrooms; onions; green peppers

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