Nov 9, 2017


Family photos.

I asked my sons for family photos for my birthday and my youngest son's girlfriend is building her photography portfolio so she offered to take some for us.

These are few of the over a hundred she took, and are still unedited, but I think they look pretty ok as they are :)

Nov 7, 2017

Niagara Falls and Back to My Real Life! 

It was a great conference but by Sunday I was done. Tired and brain dead with all the overload of information.

I went to a lot of informative and educational sessions, networked and had fun at the gala on Saturday night. The keynote speaker on Sunday, Ron Tite, was awesome. He was funny, inspiring and thoughtful.  

The conference ended around noon on Sunday and my friend and I went across the border to Amherst, NY to Boulevard Mall to do some shopping and pick up groceries. Honestly, after the last few weeks I am shopped out!  I bought a jacket for my youngest son and some groceries and a heavy athletic/yoga type hoodie for the coming months and that was it.  

I was so glad to be back in my own bed on Sunday night.

Of course now the catch up at work begins and it will be a hectic week.

The good side is that I have two days of perfect eating under my belt and feel without all the distractions and events of the last few months I can now refocus on myself.  I know life will always happen but I have not yet figured out a way to make it all fit and get it all done.  This time though, I am getting right back on track with minimal damage to my esteem and my waist line which I am considering a WIN.

First Day of Conference - Ready to go!

The Falls! One of my happy places.

More of the Falls and a rainbow.

Last morning of Conference - ready to go home!

Photo Booth Fun