Oct 31, 2016

November Goals

I'm sticking with what works and adding a reminder to drink more water. 

Day 1 and over 11,000 steps! 

Stay tuned! 

October Recap & Birthday Blues

October Goals and Recap

October was a great month! I hit 10,000 steps EVERY day and tracked every day. I had lots of blue dots and the days I missed were an equal mix of being under points and over points those days.  I had a pretty consistent weight loss and am feeling very motivated by my success so far. I lost 8lbs in October. I am very pleased with that number. 

I'm ready to rock November!

Niagara Falls 5k 

This is one of my favourite events each year and there are a lot of walkers so it's also fun. I never tire of the beauty of the Falls! 

Birthday Blues
This was probably the worst birthday I've had in a very long time. I was feeling very lonely, and missing many people. I have been for some time but I think the introspective nature of the day made me feel it more.  I was also disappointed by my walk time for the Niagara 5k. Last year's time was 54:30 and this year 55:49 (chip time). I felt like I was walking faster and at a good clip but the clock doesn't lie. On the good side, it was a great day for walking and I got a lot of steps in.

I went for lunch with a friend and his girlfriend but it made me feel more lonely plus my lunch was awful :(. I went to bed at 8 pm and tried to sleep off my mood - it didn't work but I am only allowing myself today (Oct 31) to wallow. November is a new month with new plans and goals. 

Life is far from perfect but I have many blessings to be grateful for and can make the most of the gifts I have. 

November goals will be posted soon! 

Oct 22, 2016

Week 5 Weigh In

This was a rough week. TOM and long days at work made getting all my steps challenging. I did it though.  (My WW week is Thursday to Wednesday). 

Persistence is the key to this game! 

More later. I just wanted to get this posted! 

Oct 13, 2016

Week 4 Weigh In

Feeling good, I can't lie!

2.1 lbs down after Thanksgiving and two meals out is pretty awesome. That's 10.8 lbs down in total.

A picture is worth a thousand words? Here's a few thousand to mull over.

I love those WW blue dots :)  10,000 steps or more every day this week and my view on my lunch time walk this week.

Oct 6, 2016

Week 3 Weigh In

Week 3 was a loss of 2.5 lbs for a total of 8.7 lbs this time around.

A great week that included a catered meal and a restaurant meal.  The restaurant meal was easier because I could choose what I wanted, the catered meal I just had small portions.  

10,000 steps every day since last Thursday.  Some days I really had to push to just pass that 10,000 line. Last night I was walking up and down my driveway at 11 p.m. to get in the last 1,000 steps.  One day I did well over 16,000.

Now to repeat!!! 

This weekend is Thanksgiving and also my wedding anniversary, so it will be bittersweet. 

With only my sons around (all extended family has moved away) for dinner, I won't be cooking the 20 lbs turkey and 10 lbs of potatoes like in previous years; we're going to get a small turkey breast, a bunch of vegetables to steam and I will make our favourite roast potatoes and homemade sage and onion stuffing (which the "boys" will scarf down so there will be no leftovers!) in much smaller portions and enjoy.  This is the one time a year we have pumpkin pie but neither Iain nor I are a fan and Liam will only have one slice, so I think we'll skip it and I'll make pumpkin lattes at home for after dinner. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so we can sit in the backyard with our lattes and watch the fireflies and the stars.

I am looking forward to the three day weekend though.  

Oct 3, 2016

Shame as a Motivator

My goal for October is 10,000 steps a day.  

Saturday, I headed out and walked around my neighbourhood for 64 minutes and got just over 10,000 steps.  Sunday was pouring rain and a yucky day and I was tired and had a ton of coursework to catch up on and blah blah blah.  I did not want to go out and walk.  I kept telling myself to break it up into two half hour walks.  Didn't do it. By 2 p.m. I had pretty much convinced myself that the day was a write off and I wasn't going out.

Just after that, two friends shamed me (unintentionally and unbeknownst to them) into going out for the hour and getting those $&*^ steps - rain be damned.

My friend Guenther (who I used to run with back in the days I ran) texted to tell me he was going out for a 20km run as part of his training for the Niagara Half Marathon.  Then my walking buddy Judy, texted me to tell me she was going to get her 60,000 steps that day.

What the &*^&% is wrong with me that I can't make myself walk for a &^&(* hour????  So, off I went.  I ended the day with 11,200 + steps.

Eating wise, the weekend was much better than last. I stuck to my points and pre-planned meal. And when I met my friends for coffee in the late afternoon, I just had coffee - no bakery treat to go with it.  I did splurge 3 points on a non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte though  and enjoyed it.

Oct 1, 2016

October Goals

Can I just say I ❤️ October!!
This photo was taken when I was hiking 4-5x week on the Bruce Trail and Niagara Escarpment. 
The photo a day challenge is from the WW Connect site (below).