Nov 27, 2011

Day 313 - 329, New Year

I've not been writing much. I just feel like I have nothing to share lately. I'm still following Weight Watchers, I had a few weeks where I was only loosely following the program more out of  boredom and "fed up ness" than anything else, but this week I'm back on track and feeling good about it again.

I hurt my knee a few weeks ago so my running hasn't been great since the last event I did at the beginning of November, but I did do a 4K event with my friend Melissa yesterday, we ran/walk the 4K and it was a lot of fun. I actually enjoyed this event more than the last one, I think because I had someone to do it with and it was a much smaller event, I didn't feel so claustrophobic with less people around and it was at Hamilton Bayfront Park which is where I normally run anyway, so I felt like I was on home turf.

About half way and knee feeling good!

Since I ran/walk, my time wasn't great, but my focus was on finishing with no pain in my knee and being able to run all the intervals - so it was a success to me. I don't know my chip time yet as the results aren't posted but I am sure it was pretty close to the gun time (37:52) as we were fairly close to the front - for the start anyway :)

Crossing the finish line.

I also joined Premier Fitness on their $90 for 90 days promotion. I hope this will get me through the worst of the winter weather since it is getting far too cold and dark to run outside at night.  I've been twice and enjoyed it. I've tried the elliptical in the past and always felt like I was going to fall off, but it has been ok the last few days, a few moments of vertigo, but nothing major.  And what a sweat I worked  up! I really, really want a Garmin heart rate monitor now  to help with running and also to know how many calories I'm actually burning. Maybe Santa (me) will bring me one for Christmas :) I'll see if I can fit it in my budget after the boys and other gifts are taken care of.  I might also see if I can buy a used one.

I also did the stairmill to try and train better for the next CN Tower stair climb in April. I only did 10 minutes but I have 5 months to work up to 142 flights, so it's definitely a plan. When the weather permits, I will still run outside. I have an appointment for physio for my knee this week, but I had 6 days of complete rest and it felt so much better, so I'm hoping more rest and lower impact for another week or so will have it back to normal. They also have aquafit classes, which I used to love, so I'm going to try and make one class a week to throw in some variety and my running partner is going to show me how to use some weight machines so I can work on upper body strength.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect headband!  The great people at Bondi bands are sending me a band to review and one to giveaway, so I'll let you all know as soon as I receive them!

I'm also still in the market for new running shoes. I am convinced part of my knee problem is not having proper shoes for my weight and running style.

I'm registered for the Running Room's Resolution Run on New Year's Eve, again with my friend Melissa, and am hoping I can run the complete 5k by then again.

Weight wise, I'm bouncing between 198 and 205, but I'm hoping the increased cardio and being back on plan 100% will help me bust through 198 for the New Year...stay tuned !!!

Nov 10, 2011

Day 308-312, New Year

Question for all my running friends?

Hat or headband and which specific type do you recommend?

I have shoulder length hair and bangs and although I put my hair in a pony tail, my bangs flap and sweat drips into my eyes - I hate it!!! So I need something to keep my hair out of my eyes and to stop sweat dripping into them, it really stings.

Advice please!!!

Nov 5, 2011

Day 270 - 307, New Year

My first 5K event. Chip time was 43:29. It was a beautiful day by the lake and I raised $420 for a great cause.