Mar 31, 2012

Eat at Your Goal Weight Challenge & Other Stuff

Challenge Weigh Ins
Start     202.3
Week 1 201.2
Week 2 200.2
Week 3 No Weigh In
Week 4 199.4
Week 5 197.4 

Total Loss 4.9 lbs

Calories and water are going well. My carbs are still around 50 g per day. I’d like to be under 35 g per day most days so I’m going to really focus on that this coming week. The days I run I am trying to drink more water and eat my carbs later in the day.  Hopefully that will help.

Other Stuff
I really don’t have much to say this week. Nothing monumental like last week’s race.

I did my first yoga practice in over 30 years today and it surprised me how quickly the poses came back to me. Not easy to do by any means at this weight, but easy for my body to remember. It’s a Gentle Yoga class and by the end of it I was feeling very mellow and relaxed, yet recharged at the same time. I’m already looking forward to next week.

I had an hour to kill today so I went into Old Navy to try some things on and I was frustrated because nothing fit right. Everything was too big. I was really getting annoyed when it dawned me…try a smaller size!  Unfortunately, size 16s are too big but 14s (at Old Navy) are still too snug.  I did get a pair of Calvin Klein denim capris at Value Village in size 14 that fit perfectly though, so it all depends on the cut/style.  For fitted tops/shirts I still need 16/18 because of my upper arms and shoulders, but it used to be 24/26 so they are getting smaller. And I tried on a size 14 dress  (spaghetti straps) from Rickis that was so cute and fit perfectly but it was just a little too short for my comfort, but it was otherwise perfect and I would have bought it if it had been an inch longer.

Since the beginning of January I've lost 16.4 lbs which is just over 1 lb a week.

This is my official new lowest weight in over 15 years. Anything from here now is all new weight loss. I would like to declare a moratorium to regaining  and relosing the same 10lbs (or more).  I no longer feel like I am flirting with Onederland and the anxiety around that number has disappeared. I think….I think  - I’m there.

Hope your weekends are going well!

Mar 30, 2012

Redemption Run

Tonight we ran 3/1 at the Running Room and although the weather was crappy (blinding hail and freezing rain and it was cold, cold, cold!) – it actually felt better. I drank a lot more water today (even more than I usually do!)  and saved my carbs for later in the day - closer to my run time, and I had a coffee about an hour and a half before running so these may have contributed as well. 

My new shoes came in but disappointingly they didn't fit as well as I was expecting. I did end up getting a new pair of Nikes that feel like I am standing on a cloud and they are girl-pretty :)  They are Air Max Moto+9. They're black and hot pink!
I can't wait to wear them on Sunday for our second set of 3/1.

The Running Room was having a sidewalk sale and I had a 20% off coupon and a $10 off coupon , so I did really, really well in terms of pricing and value.  You know, the staff there is so helpful and are not pushy about sales at all.

Tomorrow is Weight Watchers in the morning and weigh in of course, once I get below 198 I will feel safely in Onederland and it will be my new lowest weight since I started all this. It’s slow but steady, my weight is going down and I am doing all the right things and getting healthier and fitter day by day which was my original goal. Tomorrow afternoon, Leigh and I are doing our first Gentle Yoga class then Sunday morning is Running Clinic again.  I’ll probably run on my own on Saturday and do 10/1s. I’m slowly working my way through the Bridge to 10K program. I want to be better prepared for the 5ks coming up in April and May. So looking forward to do these with my Running Clinic girl crew – Leigh, Bev and Tanya!

I’ve been doing really well with calories and water - exercise is good – no idea how many calories I actually burn exercising – but I figure it’s gotta be doing something! Carbs are still around 45-50 grams per day, which is low, but I don’t think low enough to make a difference in my metabolism.  My carbs are coming from vegetables, one serving fruit a day and non fat Greek Yogurt and coffee cream. I had half a slice of rye bread last night but I’ve had no sugar, pasta, rice, potatoes in weeks and I don’t actually miss them right now.  I smell Cinnabon every morning and afternoon as I go through Union Station and although it pulls a little heartstring, I’m not tempted to stop at all. 

I’m starting to feel myself get caught up in the number on the scale again and that is always a downfall or me. I have to focus on eating right and exercising and remember that losing weight is a by product of those behaviours.

I can control what I put into my mouth and how much I move my body – I can’t control when it decides to drop the weight.

When I lose sight of this, I get discouraged and mentally give up and that is a spiral I don’t want to start.

I’m also noticing my waist and collar bones are more pronounced – these are good things!

I sorted through a bunch of clothes and packed up  all my 18s and 20s. No idea why I was hanging on to 20s, they are way, way too big – even the tops are beyond ridiculous now.  I can still wear a few pieces of my 18s (smaller cuts) but I’ve donated pretty much all of them. I also went through my running shoes and am donating the ones I no longer wear to a charity that the Running Room collects for and sorted out all my shoes/sandals for a friend to go through and have first pick, then the rest are going to Goodwill or Value Village on the weekend. My closet looks so neat and empty now! I’m looking forward to all new Winter clothes next Fall.

I just felt the need to just purge stuff this week. I have got about 50 books packed up to go as well. It must be Spring although you wouldn’t know it from the weather!

My schedule is busy and active until mid- May then I’ll decide if I want to do another clinic with the Running Room and figure out which summer events I’ll sign up for.

Monday -  Run with Leigh
Wednesday – Running Room Practice Run
Friday  – Running Room Clinic
Saturday- Yoga with Leigh  and run on my own
Sunday– Running Room Practice Run and hike or walk

Two confirmed events: The Chocolate Race – April 29 and Starbucks Hazel 5k – May 8 and I am really leaning towards the Yonge Street 10k as well.

Mar 29, 2012


Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post about the Around the Bay 5k.
Let’s be honest though – 45 min for 5k is not a great time, not even a good time. It’s way, way slower than  average. 35 min is average. 30 minutes is pretty good, less than 30 minutes, for a casual runner, is excellent.
I’m not fooling myself here. Most people, including me, can walk 5k in just about an hour. My fastest time to run (jog) 5k is 42:29 min.
Considering less than 9 months ago I could barely run 60 seconds without collapsing, running 10 mins at a stretch 4 times (without collapsing) is not too shabby. And consider how sick I was all Fall/Winter and only trained for 3 weeks for this race, and it was the hardest course I’ve ever done – it’s not a bad time for me and my abilities so far. But in the grand scheme of “running” - it’s not too impressive. All in the perspective I guess.
I’ve decided to make it a goal to complete 5k under 40 minutes by the Resolution Run, December 21, 2012. What does it take to get there? Like anything else in life – practice, repetition, practice, repetition. To run better, you have to run.  Of course, it will also be easier when I’m lighter!
At last night’s running clinic we finished off our last set of 2/1 – run two minutes, walk one minute – and it was hard. I really, really struggled last night. I am never going to be the fastest in the pack, but I can usually keep up and hold my own. By the 4th interval I was really really struggling and falling behind. By the last interval I was a good 100 m behind everyone else.  It’s not competitive or a race, so that’s not my issue, my issue is – what the heck was wrong with me last night?
Sometimes I have bad runs, but I can figure out why – not hydrated, physically or mentally tired, shoes hurt – blah blah.  But last night, I felt good but just couldn’t seem to get a good pace and keep it, my legs felt like they weighed a ton.
Friday nights we move to 3/1 – keep your fingers crossed that they don’t have to send a search party for me when they realise I’m not with them back at the store!
Leigh and I are going to throw in a Monday night run too.  When I did C25K, we did 4 workouts a week and I think it helped a lot in terms of endurance.
My friend Melissa, is trying to talk me into doing the Yonge Street 10k and I am almost convinced.
What’s holding me back?
·         I’ve never done more than 5k and as I’ve mentioned, I’m not GOOD at 5k yet.
·         It would be the first of three weeks of races.
·         It’s on a Sunday and I’d have to work the next day.
·         Entrance fee – although individual races are reasonable – it adds up quickly when you start to do multiple ones.
·         I’m terrified of failing. Not sure what failing means in this context though – when I can’t run anymore I can surely walk the rest of the way and still finish – I am pretty sure I can’t do 10/1 for the entire 10k.
On the plus side?
·         Melissa and I run at about the same pace and it is fun to have someone cheering you on during the race. We can always push each other when needed and we know each other very well so we know each other’s strengths.
·         The route is a gentle downhill slope the entire way.
·         The medal is so cute. I really want one. 
Jury is still out…I’ll keep you posted.
In other health news – I am still going along, counting calories and carbs. I am managing to stay under my calorie goal but I’m finding it really hard to get back down to 35 grams of carbs per day. I’m holding around 45-50 most days but not giving up on it. Fluids are great – about 120 oz a day of which 100 oz is plain water. I never drank this much plain water until Allan’s challenge so I have to thank him for introducing me to that.
My doctor changed my thyroid meds about three weeks ago and I am feeling like maybe it’s too low now. I am finding myself feeling sluggish and lethargic  more often again and waking up tired and that is always a sure sign that my thyroid is off, plus I am always cold lately. The other night I slept in socks and gloves. Anyway, I’m getting blood work done again in two weeks, if there’s anything weird, she’ll call me – she’s an amazing doctor.
Now that I re-read this post, it COULD be the thyroid issue that caused me to feel so crappy during the run…I’ll see how the next few weeks go and wait for the bloodwork.

Mar 26, 2012

Around the Bay–5K (March 25 2012)

Yesterday was the Around the Bay Roadrace, including a 5k Walk/Run. I did the Run with my friends Guenther from My Fat Fight and Melissa. Guenther finished long before us, around 32 minutes. Melissa and I did 10/1s for the course.

There’s a more detailed post on my Events blog. Here’s a few pictures. The official photos aren’t ready yet, I look totally different minutes after the race! I’m hoping Melissa’s husband has one of us crossing the finish line.

1. The course. Gentle downhill for kilometers 1-2, a fairly challenging but small hill, then a gently uphill for the rest of the way. Definitely the most challenging course I’ve done.

2. My time – 45:06 doing 10/1.

3. A blurry pic of Reid Coolsaet coming in first in the 30k event. Go to his website for a wonderful pic of him finishing and his story of the race.

4. Me and Liam after the race.

5. Me and Guenther after the race.

6. The bling.


Mar 24, 2012

Weekly Stuff

Not much to report this week. The past two weeks have been emotionally draining and exhausting. I am hoping the coming week will be a little easier.

I didn’t overeat and I managed to get my water in every day but my sleeping was off and I was indulging in way too much caffeine.  I did do the Running Clinic three times a week and also got out to run twice each week on my own.

Grand total for my two weeks of effort – down 0.7 lbs. It does put me at 199.4 so I am celebrating reclaiming this victory and focusing on my next weight goal – 175 lbs.

Tomorrow is the Round the Bay Road Race and I am doing the 5k. I’m hoping to do 10/1 intervals and finish around 42 minutes. This is my first event since I’ve been feeling better, so I’m hoping it will be fun. I am going back to my old shoes – Asics Trebuca Trail Shoes – that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had even though worn. A new pair are on the way but won’t arrive til late next week, lots of time to break them in before The Chocolate Race in April.

One of my non-scale goals is to eventually be able to order a women’s size medium shirt for these events instead of an XL and having it only just barely fit! The women’s shirt for the 30k race is purple and soooo pretty. Maybe next year?

I’ll post pictures and and update on my Events blog tomorrow.

Mar 19, 2012

Monday's Info

Calories - 1112
Carbs - 43 grams
Water - 104 oz
Exercise - 53 min - 5.75 km (10/1 - with 5 min warm up) + 20 min leisurely walk at lunch

TIRED! Shower, then prep lunches for tomorrow - then BED.

Niters all!

Mar 13, 2012

Rolling With The Cinnamon

My legs and feet were really, really sore today. I was stretching my legs as much as I could all day. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will make it all go away.

This is the first time in this challenge that I’ve gone over my calories – by 37 calories. I don’t care so much about that – I care more that I had a cinnamon roll for dinner.

Don’t ask. The story isn’t important. I did stop at the cinnamon roll and didn’t spiral from it though.

I am off work tomorrow and have appointments with my son but I am hoping to get out for a walk before the Learn To Run Clinic tomorrow night.

March 13, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1577
WW Points Plus 26-29 26 + 7WP
Carbs (grams) 50-100 137
Water/Fluids 100 oz 104 oz
Exercise 30 min 15 min

Mar 12, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I have been so psyched by this mild weather. It makes me want to go outside and DO stuff. No more hibernating or cocooning! Tonight I went to the park and did intervals run/walk of 10/1, Week 1 Day 1 of the Bridge to 10K app that I started back in October and had to give up on.

No lie, it was hard. The first ten minutes felt like an hour. I was having a hard time believing I had run 4 x that long before – many times – when I was struggling to get to through the first interval. At almost the end of the third interval, I was telling myself to just finish that one and I could stop. Three intervals were good enough after so long of not running regularly. Then U2’s Miracle Drug came on and I heard the line “There’s no failure here sweetheart, Just when you quit….” The funny thing is I heard iit in the voice of my wonderful Aussie friend Andrew – and I heard it in his sexy Aussie accent and it pushed me to keep going. Andrew has been one of my biggest supporters and I could hear him in my head.

So…I did it. Times weren’t great – but I didn’t give up. Next time will be easier.


My right foot was a little sore after all the walking yesterday, I thought I was getting a blister on the sole of my foot, but it didn’t get that far – thankfully. I had never worn those shoes for that long before, so for my 5K at the end of March I’m going to stick to my older shoes until these new ones are broken in a little more.

March 12, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1234
WW Points Plus 26-29 25
Carbs (grams) 50-100 56
Water/Fluids 100 oz 100 oz
Exercise 30 min 53 min

Mar 11, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge & EAYGW Challenge Updates

Long post ahead, I’ll try and keep to the point!


Start – Week 1 213.8
Week 2 213.4
Week 3 210.3
Week 4 210.3
Week 5 206.8
Week 6 204.3
Week 7 No weigh in
Week 8 202.3
Week 9 201.2
Week 10 200.2
Total Loss 13.6

It was a pretty good week, I stayed within my calories and points, drank all my water and walked 6/7 days, and started the Learn to Run Clinic on Friday night and this will be a 3 times a week activity as well as Yoga starting at the end of March. I lost 1lb which brings me to a total of 13.6lbs for this challenge and averaging over 1lb per week, I’m happy with that. Hopefully next week will put me back in Onederland. It was hard to stay focused this week, I felt like what I was eating was tasteless and I had no appetite, not sure if that was a result of being tired of Winter and tired in general or an actual reflection of what I was eating. Weather is changing this week and we are expecting very Spring temperatures and with longer light in the evenings, I’m hoping this will encourage me to get out in the evenings and run/walk or at least improve my general malaise after 6 p.m.

I signed up for Maren’s Summer Challenge as well and Cowgirl Warrior and I are going to stay buddies – we’re good at encouraging and supporting each other and she is such good motivation for me to keep running. She has done Half Marathons!


Start 202.3
Week 1 201.2
Week 2 200.2
Total Loss 2.1

So I am not the fastest loser in Allan’s Challenge, but I’m happy to keep losing 1lb a week. No gains and no setbacks in diet and I am still feeling determined and successful. As I mentioned above, eating this week was wierd, I didn’t seem to enjoy food the way I normally do and I don’t know if this is good or bad at this point.

March 9, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1223
WW Points Plus 26-29 26 + 2WP
Carbs (net) 50-100 67
Fluids/Water 100 oz 120 oz
Exercise 30 min 30 min – Learn to Run Clinic – 1&2
March 10, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1174
WW Points Plus 26-29 25
Carbs (net) 50-100 68
Fluids/Water 100 oz 100 oz
Exercise 60 min 30 min – walking leisurely
March 11, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 900
WW Points Plus 26-29 24
Carbs (net) 50-100 51
Fluids/Water 100 oz 104 oz
Exercise 60 min 30 min – Learn to Run Clinic – 1&2 (2.69 km)
1 hr 24 min – Walk (6.07 km)


There was a huge difference in my blood work from January (when I was feeling so sick and crappy) to this past week. My cholesterol went from “good” to “ideal” and my blood sugar although always “optimal control” is even lower now. Iron stores are almost normal! My iron has never been close to normal levels in my adulthood, it’s always been depleted. I also stopped one diabetes med and lowered the dosage of the other one, and although we are now playing with my thyroid meds to find the right dosage – and this worries me a little – I have the utmost trust in my endocrinologist.

And I am feeling physically stronger.

All my tests for heart, lungs, liver, kidneys – came back normal and in some cases, in excellent condition. All this makes me feel like I’m on the right track to getting healthy. The cause of my breathing issues seems to be a minor hiatal hernia but the medication I’ve been taking for the previous diagnosis of GERD has helped and I’m hoping that as the weight comes off, I will no longer need the medication.

I discussed the metabolic diet with my endo as well and she suggested raising my carbs a little.  She’s suggesting add some lower glycemic carbs back in, but just at one serving per day, i.e. 1/2 cup brown rice or quinoa, 1/4 cup legumes, 1 slice whole grain bread, or 1/2 cup of the lower glycemic fruits/vegetables. So I’ll try that this week and see how I feel, how it affects my weight loss and if it sets off any cravings.

The Learn to Run Clinic started this past Friday and it was fun. We’re a small group, only three women, and I like that. On Friday night it was bitter, bitter cold but other than that, I found the run relatively easy. Back in July when I started running and I did 60 seconds I could barely stand up and breathe at the same time, it’s amazing the difference in such a short time. It’s really encouraging to have someone to do it with – thanks Leigh! Today was our second clinic and we did great!

Today I walked 6.07 km with Guenther along the Chedoke Radial Trail. It was a glorious day and this is something we used to do regularly last Summer and Fall, I Enz @ Radial Trail - March 11 2012hope we can pick it up again this year.

I started wearing my heart rate monitor just to get an idea of calories burned during exercise and to see how that would translate at the end of the week when I weigh in, unfortunately, I don’t seem to be getting accurate numbers. I’m recording them for the week and have no intentions of eating them – just want to see what it looks like at the end of the week.

Mar 8, 2012

Quick Update

Crazy busy and crazy tired each night this week. Will update properly on the weekend. My carb goal has changed and I’ll talk more about that in my next post as well as sharing some really good news.

Today I am tired and feeling overwhelmed and have zero appetite. I’ve been forcing myself to eat all day. I’m calling it a night and going to bed.

March 6, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1447
WW Points Plus 26-29 26 + 5 WP
Carbs (net) <50 92
Fluids/Water 100 oz 124 oz
March 7, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1016
WW Points Plus 26-29 26
Carbs (net) 50-100 56
Fluids/Water 100 oz 116 oz
March 8, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 770
WW Points Plus 26-29 18
Carbs (net) 50-100 31
Fluids/Water 100 oz 104 oz

Mar 5, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

March 5, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1087
WW Points Plus 26-29 26
Carbs (net) <50 43
Fluids/Water 100 oz 116 oz

Back to a normal day after yesterday’s carbfest. I was a bit worried I’d have carb hangover this morning, but I didn’t. I guess in reality, 100 or so carbs is still quite a bit less than my old normal and it was just one meal so I seemed to metabolise it ok. I definitely didn’t have cravings or the carb hungries afterwards yesterday or at all today and I was fully expecting it to happen and was ready to fight the feelings away.

Results of the EAYGWC are in for Week 1. Yes, that’s me at the bottom of the ranking. I’m not a “big loser” but I am happy to keep chipping away.  Great group of losers in this challenge – it’s going to be so much fun and so motivating to see the losses each week. It’s definitely keeping me focused on tracking, carb counting and getting enough water/fluid each day.

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday’s post. I am, in fact, 44. Liam is 15 and Iain will be 18 in July.  They are not incredibly tall – I am incredibly short – barely hitting 5 feet. Liam is about 5’8” and Iain is about 5’10” – thankfully they take after their father for height!

Today I was pondering a dilemma. I have a doctor appointment after work tomorrow and because of the timing, if I took the train home, I wouldn’t be home til almost 9 p.m. Since I get up at 430, and then travel two hours back to work – it seemed kind of silly. I have a friend in Toronto that I can stay with occasionally if I need to stay overnight so I decided to do that. But then – what about food???? What would I eat at work on Wednesday after leaving her home on Wednesday morning without my normal breakfast, lunch and two snacks packed and going directly to work?

Sometimes I am incredibly or smart – or stupid if you figure out how long it took me to figure out this simple but ingenious plan!  Tomorrow, I will take two days worth of food with me to work and leave Wednesday’s food in the fridge at work for Wednesday. Now the only meal I need to worry about is tomorrow’s dinner and that will most likely be some form of takeout because she doesn’t cook and I have offered to cook in the past and I know she doesn’t like me to do that – so – I will just have a salad and some kind of protein wherever we go.

Problem solved!

I may not post my calorie counts tomorrow night – but I will definitely catch up on Wednesday night.

Mar 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Liam!

My baby boy turned 15 today. Somehow, he’s grown into a sensitive, witty, clever young man….when did this happen?

His favourite restaurant is The Mandarin; a Chinese Buffet. We only go once a year, for his birthday, because it’s so expensive and it’s probably the least healthiest restaurant ever invented.

As the day grew closer, I started to form a plan for how I was going to handle this meal. I went over various scenarios, weighing the outcome of each – how would I feel emotionally, mentally and physically after each choice? Which choice was best? I decided to start with a big salad (greens, green onions and light salad dressing) and then have small portions of my favourite foods.  If I liked seafood, it would have been much easier in this restaurant – tons of fresh shrimp, grilled fish and seafood of all kinds – but I don’t so I chose small portions of what I do like knowing that I only go there once a year so it’s not going to be foods I eat again and again and it won’t derail me. I drank 10 glasses of water in the 90 min we were there to help flush the sodium.

Despite that, my carbs are really high today, although I did stay within my calorie budget. I will have to be extra diligent about carbs all week – but I know I can do it. We had a lovely time visiting with family and friends and laughed a lot. It was a great celebration for Liam.


My boys - Liam, Enz and Iain (Iain hates photos, hence the fake smile!)


Louisa (my gorgeous baby sis) and me


March 4, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1385
WW Points Plus 26-29 29 + 4 WP
Carbs (net) <50 114
Fluids/Water 120 oz 136 oz

Mar 3, 2012

Spring Chick and EAYGW Challenge Updates


Start – Week 1 213.8
Week 2 213.4
Week 3 210.3
Week 4 210.3
Week 5 206.8
Week 6 204.3
Week 7 No weigh in
Week 8 202.3
Week 9 201.2
Total Loss 12.6

Having a buddy is definitely helping to keep me focused. It was a great idea Stormy – thanks!

My main SCC goal was to be back in Onederland by the end of the Challenge, 12 weeks, and I’m on track to make that goal. I just need to keep this level of focus and motivation.


Start 202.3
Week 1 201.2
Total Loss 1.1

Getting that much fluid in on the weekend is a lot harder than Monday to Friday but I’m determined to meet the goal each and every day.

March 3, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1091
WW Points Plus 26-29 25
Carbs (net) <50 43
Fluids/Water 120 oz 128 oz


Counting carbs seems to be working for me. This week I did try adding back more fruit and some grains (All Bran Cereal). I’m going to try and cut back the carbs to under 50 all this week, last week I was over 60 most days.

I purposely tried to eat lighter today because I’m having a restaurant meal tomorrow.

Running Room Clinic starts this week and that will force some exercise into my life so that can only help. I am also going to register for a Gentle Yoga Class starting at the end of March. I am so looking forward to warmer weather. Bring on Spring!

I feel famous today!

W.I.D.T.H. courtesy of Jack Sh*t


Mar 2, 2012


March 2, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1083
WW Points Plus 26-29 29 + 2 WP
Carbs (net) <50 37
Fluids/Water 120 oz 128 oz

Strangely, I had very little appetite today. I ate a lot more protein and a lot less carbs, and skipped the fruit – there’s a definite correlation there.

So glad it’s the weekend. Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I’m looking forward to the WW meeting.

Mar 1, 2012

Up, up and……..STOP!


  Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1104
WW Points Plus 26-29 26
Carbs (net) <50 52
Fluids/Water 120 oz 136 oz

Four weeks of keeping my carbs under 35 and now they  are creeping back up. Time to start cutting back again before I’m at 200 a day again.  I got away from planning each meal to make sure one meal didn’t take me over. I need to go back to doing that. It works.

Tomorrow will be under 50.

Calories/points are good, fluids are good.

It’s official. I have a completely white streak at my temple. My baby boy turns 15 this Sunday and I’m old.