Sep 25, 2017

Weigh in Week 53

I've been at this a year. I had no idea where I'd be after a year, or if I'd even still be at it.  So....the fact that I am chugging along despite challenges and set backs and little progress the last few months is pretty significant.

There's no choice but to keep going.

I missed last week's weigh in because of work obligations and I have not been to a meeting in several weeks. That needs to change. I need to get to a meeting once a week - it's one hour of my life so I need to make that work.

I am not feeling out of  control but I am feeling like I have stopped making WW and weight loss a priorty.  It has to be the number 1 priority because it affects so many other things; my mood, my health (which in itself is a long list!), my energy, my sleep, my ability to juggle all the other priorities without going batshit crazy.

I didn't have my book with me this week, so they just updated my file electronically.  Saturday's weight was 191.2.

Looking at this, it feels a bit like the last 6 months have been a complete waste. I'm having internal dialogues that are not kind so I need to step back and step up.

Sep 8, 2017

Weigh In Week 51

Feeling a bit like a hamster in a wheel.

Sep 2, 2017

Weigh In Week 50

This is a gain over two weeks. A reminder that I cannot lose focus for even a very short time.
The only way to do this is with constant vigilance.