Jul 28, 2017

Weigh In Week 45

Another week where I felt I did everything right but the scale (at home) was still bouncing between 184 and 187.  At least it showed a loss today from last week but I am not confident it is a 'real' loss, you know?

There is no option but to keep plodding along and trying to change things up a bit to see if it makes a difference.

Jul 17, 2017

Weigh In Week 44

I am really enjoying the Monday night WW meetings and the leader, Jeff. This past week I asked for all my 'bling' to date and they gave it to me.  Next will be my 50 lbs charm (I hope!).

 I'm fitting into 14s in a regular store now and even can squeeze into 12s (for pants) and Ls for shirts so my arms, although ugly and bat-wingy are shrinking! I'm liking the idea of a weekly progress photo in different clothes so you will have to forgive (or get over!) my vanity!  I was lucky to be gifted a lot of clothes through a clothing swap and my youngest son works at a thrift shop where he gets 50% of the "regular" prices so I can easily pick up things for $2-5 a piece.  I also shopped some great sales in Buffalo a few weeks ago.

 I haven't been under a size 14 since my early 20's so I'm not sure how long I'll be in this stage or if there will be a next stage or what it would even look like if there is. I've been walking every day and started an arm work out with 5lb weights, as well as plank and push ups and a kettlebell work out based on the classes I had taken. I am sure my form is not perfect but I haven't hurt myself and I figure moving is a good thing.  I am also going up and down the stairs when I have to show condo units at work, sometimes up to 20 flights.

 My motivation has returned since it's mysterious hiatus in June and I feel back in the groove and ready to tackle the world. Usually "life happening" as it has in the last few weeks would derail me and I would start the slow regain.

This time I have committed to myself that I am not regaining these same 50 lbs.  One day at a time.

Constant vigilance and never losing sight of what's important.

It really does work.

Jul 15, 2017

Weigh In Week 43

I went to a meeting this past Monday at the WW Centre where I weigh in. Monday was the only free night I had this week. It was also the leader's first night, a gentleman named Jeff who had lost 185 lbs with WW.  I really liked his style and he was very pumped up.   I will check out a few different meetings next week and see which one settles on me as "home".  I will continue to weigh in on Friday or Saturday mornings though. This week had highs and lows.

I spent a lot of time with my sister who is here from Dubai for a few months to have her second child in August.  She's going through some issues and my heart is breaking for her. It was a very emotional week.   There was, and continues to be,  a lot of drama at work that made the days feel long and onerous.   My son injured himself at work about six weeks ago which caused a hernia that has not healed on it's own and now we are waiting to see a surgeon.  

In good news, we have amazing summer weather and I am getting a lot of walking in, especially on my lunches and breaks at work which is helping me with the insanity going on right now.  I had a great week following my 'points' and eating well including a meal at a restaurant and one catered meal at work.  I am feeling more like I am back in the groove and I can do this.  The scale was still bouncing about between 184-187 all week at home but I'm using my WW weigh in as my official one going forward. Although the loss was minimal, I feel like I had a great week! 

Jul 6, 2017

Weigh In Week 42

Today was my first weigh in at the meeting centre so totally different scale (definitely more accurate!) and fully dressed (in my lightest possible clothes!). It is a mind-f*ck to see a higher number than I am used to seeing but it's all relative. The difference from start to finish would be the same if I started on this scale.  After this week it won't matter. I am planning to attend meetings on a week night but weigh in on Friday mornings when the centre opens at 7:30 a.m.  I prefer a morning weigh in and I often have meetings on Thursday nights where we have dinner catered.  This will help me be more mindful of portions and of the sodium content if I know I am weighing in the next day. Wish me luck! 

I was really faltering for a few weeks. There was a 50% off promo for 6 months so it made sense to sign up now.  The fee per month is about what I would spend on eating out twice a month (which I rarely do anymore) and this will get me through my hardest parts of the year - Summer/Fall (Thanksgiving and my birthday) and Christmas.  My pass expires January 4, 2018 at which time I hope to have decided on a goal weight.  I also suspended my YMCA membership until November because I would much rather be hiking and walking outside for the short time we have such nice weather.  Cancelling the Y offsets the cost of my WW membership for 6 months so no change to my budget! 

My sister is renting a condo with a pool and gym and so I can also use that if I find I am missing the treadmill or stairmill - as if! 

Onward and downward :)

Jul 5, 2017

Canada 150 Weekend

Last weekend was Canada's 150th Birthday (the birthday of Confederation - obviously the land mass is much older!). July 1st is also my eldest son's and my mother-in-law's birthday and since it's a Statutory Holiday, it's always a big celebration day for us. It was a bit quieter this year than normal but we did have our family barbeque at my son's house and it was a lot of fun, laughter and food!  Iain is my oldest son on the right in the photo below.

It was extra special because my sister is here from Dubai and is staying with us for a week so she was with us. She is 36 weeks pregnant so the heat outside was a bit overwhelming but she was set up nicely on  chaise lounge under an umbrella and my sons were only too happy to keep refilling her glass with lemon and water and bring her whatever her heart (and stomach!) desired. They absolutely adore her. They grew up with her as sort of an older sister as she is 15 years younger than me and they are excited to have another baby cousin. She already has a 2 year old son.

Saturday morning I did a 5k race with another WW friend. When we arrived at the park to pick up our chips there was a long line at the registration desk. They had over 250 people register last minute.  This was at a park that was also hosting a big Canada Day celebration all day and was right on the waterfront and with the special-ness of the day and the medals, I think it was reasonable to expect a huge turnout.  As walkers, we crossed the finish line at about 58 minutes and found there were no medals left, due to the large late registrations of runners who crossed before us. This has never happened to me at any race before. It was very upsetting because the medals were commemorative for this year and because walkers deserve the same respect as runners.  We pay the same fees to enter and for those of us that registered in advance it was a slap in the face to have our medals go to runners who registered last minute. I did email the event organizer as this organizer hosts many of the races I attend all year. She said she is trying to get more medals from the manufacturer as there were just under 100 of us who did not get medals and she was very nice about expressing how they were overwhelmed and unprepared by the last minute registrations and assured me that they have every respect for all participants.  I know it's not a big thing, but it was important to me.

We skipped the fireworks this year as we were all over tired and just went home and watched Netflix and were in bed by 9:30 p.m.

We spent all day Sunday at Niagara Outlet Malls (Canada side) where my sister spent lots of money!  She had a great time buying all the things that are 1000% more expensive in Dubai. I bought a few things as there were a lot of great sales.  On Monday we made the trip across the border to Buffalo and went to Galleria Mall. Not so much shopping, although the sales were also good and the mall was deserted!  With a 37% exchange rate right now, the deal has to be amazing! I did find a really awesome pair of brown sandals that I have been looking for / wanting for a few months at a really good price at Macey's so I bought those and picked up a few camisole type tops (to wear under cardigans/blazers) from WalMart.  We had lunch at the Olive Garden. I had forgotten how heavy their food is!

I took yesterday (Tuesday) off just to take care of stuff around the apartment and run some personal errands (pedicure/manicure, groceries, laundry - urban domesticity at it's finest!) and am back to work today!

WW Canada has a 50% off deal right now and I think I am going to switch to meetings.  I struggled in June to stay on track and am struggling this first week of July. I need to do whatever it takes to not falter.

P.S. The formatting of my blog is all effed up since the background was deleted.