Mar 4, 2010

Day 40 - The Beck Diet Solution

Day 40 is entitled "Enrich Your Life".  Beck addresses the issue of how overweight people put their life on hold until that magical day they are no longer fat.

You know what I mean. When I lose this weight, I'll.......

What are you waiting to do when you lose weight?

Of course, there are some things that are not physically possible to do when you're obese or even overweight, skydiving comes to mind!

But she is addressing the psychological barriers we put on ourselves.  Have you done this? Convinced yourself you can't go to the beach until you look good in a bathing suit?
Can't run until you're skinny?
Can't go on vacation until your legs look good in shorts?
Can't go on a date until you lose 20lbs?

Beck says to live now, stop putting your life on hold for that magical day. Live now and enjoy life and do those things that you want to do. Your life will be enriched, your confidence will soar and you will learn to love yourself more.

I honestly believe that loving yourself is key to this whole journey. That happens when you start to treat yourself the way you treat everyone else you love the most, when you start letting yourself do what you want, what you love and what inspires you.

Sure, as you lose weight, you will naturally gravitate towards doing things you didn't do before, but start now.

Remember, we're not promised tomorrow.


  1. Yup, I'm always reminding myself that I have to love myself now. Because if I don't, what makes me think it'll start when I'm at a healthier weight? Great post. And I love the haircut!

  2. So true...enjoy today, don't live in the tomorrow! Good reminder. LOVE your new hair Enz!!! It's very becoming on you.

  3. So dedicated, I envy how you have kept to this book and continue to do what is required of you!

    Enz, love the new hair cut you look beautiful!

  4. I have never let my weight stop me from doing anything. I owe it to this beautiful kind of amnesia that I seem to have. I am more mind and spirit than body, and my body is simply a convenient way to move the other two parts in the material world. The only thing I am waiting to do till I lose weight is to see a number somewhere around 150 on this thing we call a scale.I won't celebrate too much when that day arrives because I will be busy with so many other things that make up my life . And I LOVE your new hair !I keep thinking I need to do something to mine, but I am not sure what ( and shaving it off for charity has crossed my mind as a potential option !)

  5. Great advice, Enz. Live for today and love yourself while doing it. What a shame when we let our weight get in the way of living a fulfilling life.

    I agree with everyone else - your hair looks lovely.

  6. Luckily I mostly forget my weight and so live life to the full... sadly the flip side of that coin is difficulty in staying motivated!

  7. Very interesting...thanks for posting this.

    Love your new haircut!

  8. Good post, reminds me of when I was younger and people would always refer to "when you get out in the real world." I always found that to be a strange comment, as if life didn't begin until you had a job and bills to pay.