Mar 18, 2010

Still Struggling

Today I told myself:
I am not going to quit TODAY
I just have to get through TODAY.  
Eat right and exercise TODAY.

This was my mantra. I literally had to say it out loud through my walk, write it down and read it over and over, I typed it out over and over into my computer and iPod. It was the only thing that kept me from deleting this blog, from throwing out my tracker, from just eating without thinking.   Now today is just about over, I am not sure about tomorrow and that scares me.

Tiffany kept me sane today. She reminded me that this isn't easy and that my feelings were justified, but I could not quit.

Points Eaten 26/26
Activity Points Earned 0
Moving 0

Points Eaten 26/26 + 5 FP
Activity Points Earned 4
Moving 4.28 km - 55 min


  1. Today is the only day you can worry about.

    And you did not quit.

    So.. success is yours, my dear.

    If you need help tomorrow... you know where to find me!!!!


  2. Bravo! You have the secret to success! It is just a journey made up of thousands of seconds, thousands of choices, etc. You need to take each moment as it comes and do you very best to keep making more good choices than bad.

    You had an awesome day!

  3. Keep talking to yourself Enz!!! I believe in YOU! Man, those hard days are difficult, aren't they? But, you didn't give up, you didn't quite and you are still fighting. Keep fighting and you will see easier days again.

  4. I sure hear what you are saying! Sometimes it is just so hard. For me, I know that if I can just get through the rough times I'll feel SO good. At times it works and other times it does not...but one thing I know is that I will never, ever give up. I have learned that small changes over time make a big difference. Steady on!!

  5. The days like today - the ones that you have to claw, tooth, and nail to get through - are the ones to be proudest of. Rebuild your strength from today's success. I'm proud of you!

  6. I think that is the real secret in weight loss success. Do not focus on the long journey ahead, but instead this day, this moment and this mouthful. I am a Reiki Master and twice a day I repeat he reiki mantra , that is the secret to universal blessings. Here is how I apply it to weight loss

    Just for today-
    do not anger ( forget playing the blame game)
    do not worry ( cake exists, and will exist without me)
    be grateful ( be genuinely appreciative and aware of what I eat)
    work hard ( do the best I can every day with what I have at my disposal)
    be kind to every living thing ( including myself !)

  7. I completely agree with the post above. I know I get wigged out by the journey ahead and need to bring it back to centre and just focus on the moment. I will never fool myself into thinking weight loss is easy, it's hard work. The important thing is what you did yesterday, just focus on the moment.

  8. Well thank goodness you were rescued by Tiffany (my new hero) I would have had to give up my west west coast vacation and fly east to hunt you down.

    Spring is here tomorrow - there is a ground swell of support and good intentions growing and you are part of it - so we will carry you along. Your words have been the greatest support so no pressure just never give up!!!!

  9. I feel you, but it looks like you're staying within your points!

  10. BIG HUGS today... you CAN do it!

  11. We all have days like this but not everyone of us stayed strong like you did! Well done Enz, hope today went better.

  12. Enz, you cannot quit, we will not let you.
    One foot infront of the other, one step at a time, one day at a time, you can win this battle because I know you are a fighter!

  13. No quitting! Attitude to the grindstone! Yes, you can!