Mar 5, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

This is my new BFF, a Nike sensor to use with my iPod Touch.

I am in love with it.  We've had unseasonably warm temperatures the last few days in Toronto and working downtown by the lake is the perfect place to get out for a lunch time walk along Queens Quay. A view of the lake, the Sugar Factory, the CN Tower, the Skydome (yes, I know its the Rogers Centre!), the lovely construction....anyway you get the idea.

I went out yesterday and walked from just east of Jarvis to York Street and back. Exactly 2 kilometres, I know that because I checked the distance on my drive in yesterday morning so I could calibrate my Nike sensor. It was perfect.  The sensor came in at 2.01km - I was impressed.

It's basically a fancy pedometer, but I love how it syncs with the Nike+ site to keep track of my distance, speed and time. I'm still just walking so my poor mini must think I'm the slowest runner ever!!

I had missed walking out doors and missed sunshine. It certainly made my afternoon go faster and my mood more pleasant when I returned to the trailer.  Sometimes I think I feel so cooped up in there but don't realise it!

Other news - my follower count keeps going up and down by 1!  It's like I have a mysterious follower who unlikes me for a time then comes back!!! I know its probably not the same person, but different people coming and going - but it's funny to see the number go up and down by one every couple of days!

For the weekend I have a walk along the Hamilton waterfront planned with my WW friend, Tina and I want to do some more walking tomorrow as well. I'm aiming to give the treadmill a break for a bit and spend some time outside while the weather allows.

Oh best news of today! Lucky, lucky me won a giveaway from Lynn. Isn't this the coolest thing?  I have been a long time journaller and even though I use electronic and digital stuff now, pen and paper is always my best friend in keeping track of my "stuff". I know this is going to be a huge help to me and I have a plan that is going to work perfectly with it.



  1. You are the coolest thing with that gadget.
    And the luckiest!

  2. I love my nike + too.
    I'm also fairly digital but it's nice to see something solid like pen on paper.

  3. I will love to hear how you like the journal, it looks so neat!

  4. Thats funny about the followers-Cute hair cut~