Mar 10, 2010

Down A Hole

I fell down a hole today. Unlike Alice, I didn't find Johnny Depp. I am never that lucky.

What did happen?  As some of you know, I work at a construction site. The last few months there has been various road and utilities work done outside our trailer in preparation of the building opening in the summer.

Today, I stepped off the asphalt in front our trailer and my foot dropped about 14 inches. My first thought was, "When the *(*&^& did they put a step there?" My second thought was..."Oh my God, I'm sinking!"

My left foot had sunk up to about midthigh into a hole. The dirt and gravel had just given away under my weight and I sank straight down.  Once again, I wasn't hurt and my coworkers thought it was quite funny and made jokes about me "almost completely disappearing" (a poke at my lack of height!) down the hole.

Once all the safety stuff was taken care of and the area taped and boarded, I went  out for my lunch time walk.

I knew today was going to be different than the last few days, I knew I'd be having dinner with some friends and would get home too late to go for a walk. I knew I'd also have to fit decadent, real Italian food into my food plan for the day.

I committed myself to 2 x 30 minute walks each day for a month to see if that would help me break through the physical and mental barrier I've hit. Out of 7 days I've missed one day and  I want to keep my streak going.

My lunch time walk was still good to go, so I could either extend that to one hour or somewhere fit in the other 30 minute walk.  It was very cold today so I took a different route at lunch time that I hoped would keep me moving since there would be less stopping for traffic.  I ended up walking just a tenth of a mile further in about the same amount of time, but the wind off the lake was bitter, bitter cold and it didn't seem to matter which direction I walked in, I was walking into it.  My eyes were running and stinging from the cold so I didn't extend my lunch walk and kept it to 30 minutes only.  On top of that my  left thigh and hip (the one that went into the hole) was very sore and felt almost weak.

Dinner was at a rustic Italian restaurant where my friend's father is Chef/Owner. There were four of us for dinner and we had a great time, we hadn't all been together since the early summer so it was a great time for catching up and laughing.  I'm a bit of an Italian food snob so when I get the chance to eat real (as in not-North Americanized) Italian food it is such a treat.

I had chicken parmigiana with roasted potatoes and carrots and broccoli and melt-in-your-mouth tiramisiu - every bite was as delicious as my Nonna used to make.

I had to guesstimate the points based on similar dishes I could find the calorie count for, but I'm happy with my choices and I enjoyed my meal immensely.

I'm home now and had thought I might fit in 30 minutes on the treadmill but my left leg and hip is really sore, although I don't see any bruising or anything to indicate why - maybe I pulled a muscle.... so I'm going to call it an early night.

Points Eaten 26/26 + 15 FP
Activity Points Earned 2
Moving 30 min - 1.55 miles


  1. Ouch!
    I hope you get better soon - ouch!

  2. oh my Enz, so glad you are ok!

    Sounds like a great walk without the cold of course, lets hope Spring is around the corner!

  3. I'm so sorry, but I laughed out loud Enz! You tell the story so well, that I can just see you, in that chic new hair do, disappearing into the earth! It's only funny since you aren't hurt!

    Dinner sounded amazing! Good food, good friends, good life.

  4. Yum Dinner sounded so good-hope you hip feels better today :)

  5. OMG! I hope you are okay! Dinner sounds amazing.

  6. I'm a horrible person, I totally LOLed at the thought of you sinking. Your dinner sounded delish.

  7. OMG that's crazy! I'm glad it was only one leg, though!!!
    Your new haircut is SO CUTE!!!! I love it!