Mar 16, 2010

Spring In My Step

Look at that. 14C again today! 

Spring is here. It was a gorgeous day in downtown Toronto and I was itching to get out in the sunshine. I went into work early, partly to make up for yesterday and because I had to leave at 3:15 for a medical appointment...but I was not going to miss my lunchtime walk, no matter what. 

The last few outings, I have been walking along the boardwalk - it's not terribly busy yet - and there is less pedestrian/vehicular traffic than the sidewalks. It was a great walk, really cleared my head, boosted my energy and the sunshine put a spring in my step.  I got in 2.93 km in 36 minutes. Some people were in tanks and shorts!

I think the sore leg problem is related to my shoes, they are about a year and a half old and mostly were used on the treadmill til the last few weeks, so they "look" pretty new, but I think they have lost most of their shock absorbing protection - I noticed definite pain today in my heels while walking - that I've only had once before - when I needed new shoes. So I'm on the hunt for new shoes. Any recommendations? I am still walking - mostly - I do 2-3 minute running intervals now and again.

I made the almond butter cookies from last month's Clean Eating Magazine tonight...for my son. Yes, really, for him. The three I ate were for quality control purposes - honest!

 (Note to self: Those cookies are evil. Do not make them unless they are leaving the house immediately!)

Points Eaten 26/26 + 16 FP
Activity Points Earned 3
Moving 2.93 km - 36 min.


  1. I have no shoe recommendations by brand, only that you find a qualified technician at a running store that'll do a thorough review of your feet, watch you walk and run, etc.

    Spring has sprung!

  2. I was thinking 14 Farenheit and was like dang that's cold!

  3. I love Acsis with gel in them. They are a bit expensive, but have made all the difference in being able to run. Have you seen those shoes at Sport Check that apparently tone your butt and legs as you walk? I loved the 14 degree weather today too - went for a jog with the hubs on the canal. I hope it stays like this for a while before getting hot.

  4. Shoes will DEFINITELY cause all kinds of back and leg problems ! One other fix- at least here in the USA is a new thing put out by Dr Scholls. It's a machine you stand on, it tells you what kind of foot problem you have and recommends which insert will work as a fix for it. This website explains what they are and where to find one in your area It may be a more affordable fix.And isn't the spring weather great ???

  5. Aren't you just LOVING the weather Enz? It's gorgeous! I think Dawne is referring to the Reebok Easy Tone shoes. They aren't as silly looking as the Sketchers brand. It might be worth it to go over and ask someone about them.

  6. The weather sure is great! That sucks about the sore feet. I also recommend going to a shoe store with staff that really check out your feet.

  7. Tanks and shorts in March! Colder than that here in Tennessee.

  8. The weather has been great for walking. I have always had good luck with nike sneakers in a wide width. I have had great luck in finding them on ebay at less than half price. I learned the hard way though to try a particular style on in "real life" before buying them online.

  9. OMG 14 degrees!! I don't even know what that feels like being from Cali. Yikes!

    I just found the greatest shoes ever through Easy Spirit. They are called Anti-Gravity shoes and they are marvelous! Highly recommended.