Mar 12, 2010

Falling Asleep

Yesterday was a pissy day at work. Pardon my language. You know those days when, if you could, you would say, "Take this job and shove it" was one of those days.

All I kept telling myself was - "You'll be going home, you'll be going home, you'll be going home". And I kept hearing this voice in the back of my head, "But you have to come back tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow" and I wanted to scream, or run out the door like a mad woman. Just so you know, I did neither. Working for the Ontario Government for 10 years taught me patience, if nothing else!

I had a heavy lunch - not on purpose - it just turned out to be cooked that way and left me feeling heavy and blech.

On my way home I stopped for groceries and was really feeling tired, had a headache and my whole body was just screaming "tired" at me. When I got home, I left the groceries for the guys and went to change. Next thing I knew, it was 3 a.m. and my stomach was so upset, I spent the next half hour throwing up.  Then I crashed again and slept til 7.

I feel a lot better today and hope it is uneventful. It is raining in downtown TO but I am going to get out at lunch, even if it is for a short walk. My mini is sad.

Points Eaten 20/26(no dinner)
Activity Points Earned 0
Moving 0

Have a good Friday!


  1. It seems that there is another seasonal bug going around that makes your stomach feel yucky and wear down your emotional self as well.It seems to pass quickly but it is really unpleasant to deal with. Hope you are totally on the mend soon ( and thanks for the concern- things are fine ??? but I kind of got lost in the day !

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad day at work. I think we've all had those kind of days before where you just want to leave and never return. I'm sorry you were sick, glad your feeling better today..I hope you continue to feel well and get in your short walk (which will probably help you feel even better) *Huggles* Have a great day and an awesome weekend.

  3. i was that way last week - but spring is coming - makes me feel better just thinking about the sunny, warm weather

  4. Come on girl I need you out of your funk so that I can get out of mine. Never mind I should do it on my own - that's not working for me now. So from one Provincial Government (BC)worker to another - lets go!!!

  5. Ah feel better Enz! Now, we have pissy weather to match your pissy mood! :)Sorry you were sick in the night...yuck! Feel better!!!!

  6. Feel better soon!