Mar 12, 2010

Friday on My Mind

My new WW week starts tomorrow, so Friday should be my weigh in day. I didn't weigh in today because I only started Monday and I want to give my body time to get used to the extra exercise before I freak myself out with scale judgements.  Next Friday will be the weigh in I'm counting  - so you'll see the sidebar for the X-Weighted Challenge will say N/A for this week.  I am even considering only weighing in every two weeks to take the focus off the number and put the focus back on the get healthy and fit part of this plan.  I can argue with myself both ways quite convincingly.

I was so glad to wake up and go to work this morning - so glad it was Friday, that is!

I went out at lunch time and the wind and rain were coming right off the lake. There were some times when I was walking into the wind that I actually had to take a step sideways to keep my balance, it was that strong!  Definitely much more of a work out than a fairweather day, that's for sure.  My legs truly felt like lead and I couldn't push any faster so I decided to push farther, I kept telling myself, "You can turn around any time, just not yet". In total I walked for 39 minutes and 1.94 miles which is the furthest I've done in one time at lunchtime to date.

Next week is March Break and I have not planned to take any time off as yet, but I may end up taking a day to do stuff with the boys - maybe just a movie and dinner out - they don't seem to be interested in the zoo or Science Centre anymore ;(

Weekend plans
Saturday:     lots and lots of laundry and housework and food prep for the coming week
Sunday:       a hike/walk with my friend Tina and her dog Sadie

Points Eaten 25/26
Activity Points Earned 3
Moving 39 min - 3.12km


  1. Great job on the walk! It is supposed to be really windy tomorrow too.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you have a productive weekend planned! :)

  3. Are you using any of you "bonus points"? Back when I followed WW, I always tried not to use any but have since learned that was a bad idea cause I ended up being hungry sometimes, which of course doesn't lead to good things.

  4. Great day !
    And is seems like once you reach a certain stage in life, Saturday means nonstop errands, cleaning and shopping. Remember when Saturday meant no school, cartoons and doing something fun ???

  5. Good job! I could feel my leg muscles straining when you described your walk. I'm counting it toward my exercise for the day.

    I did lots and lots of laundry yesterday; what is it about teenage boys? Their dirty clothing seems to multiply asexually in the pile.

    Stay with your plan, and have a great weekend!

  6. Even though strong wind is though it makes your walk much more satisfying when you're done, doesn't it? I went running today and had to fight rain and wind but felt so good afterwards!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Have a great weekend, Enz!