Mar 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Liam and 13 Things I Want To Remember


Liam 13 Coolness starts at 13 :)

Happy Birthday Liam!!!

Liam is my youngest son, he's 13 today.

I feel old.

I took this idea from Rachael's blog and it seemed fitting for today.


Today, the thirteen things I never want to forget about you:

  1. Your beautiful, shy smile.
  2. You always remember to tell me I look nice (when I do).
  3. You are an old soul, much wiser than your 13 years.
  4. I love how you love cheese and crackers any time of the day.
  5. Thank you for watching endless cooking shows with me.
  6. You have the greenest eyes and the longest, thickest lashes I have ever seen.
  7. You have a genuine curiousity about people that makes you sensitive and kind.
  8. Your hair is longer than mine!
  9. Your love of reading.
  10. How you can never remember what day it is, in an absent minded professor sort of way.
  11. Plox!
  12. You are a peacekeeper, always the first to apologise, to smooth things over and to remind us all that love is the most important thing.
  13. You live in the moment and make every moment special.

Tonight at his birthday dinner. He was fed up of photos by this time – but Mom wasn’t!!




    1. How sweet. My youngest is 13 too :)

    2. He's adorable!!! I think Liam and my 12 year old son have the same hair stylist!

    3. You are lucky to have him and very kind to appreciate him!

    4. He looks like you!

      Happy birthday to Liam! 13 seems like so far away but I know it won't be :)

    5. Sounds like an awesome young man - you must be very proud.

    6. How incredibly sweet! Happy birthday to your "little" boy!

    7. What a sweet tribute to your son! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!