Mar 8, 2010


Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was good. My oldest son was out of town at a friend's and my youngest loves having the house to himself (somehow he just filters out my husband and I) and was thrilled to have the computer, Playstation and TV without having to share.

On Saturday I took a qiuck trip to Buffalo and picked up some groceries, including Thomas' Bagel Thins. I haven't tried them yet but am looking forward to it. 100 calorie bagels - they would have to taste pretty awful for them to be a no go for me. Although I am limiting processed foods, I'm not at the point where I'm going to make my own bread so I try to limit bread  to 1 slice or 100 calories per meal...and these fit in perfectly for me and if the boys will eat them that makes my life a lot easier as well.  I'll do a proper review once I've had them a few different ways.

I didn't get an actual walk in on Saturday but I did spend a lot of time walking around the stores and parking lots in Buffalo and doing housework once I got home - running up and down flights of stairs with laundry hampers, does that count? Probably not.  I'm ok with that.
Sunday I met my friend Tina and her dog, Sadie, for a walk along the Hamilton Beach Trail. It was a lovely skies, hot sunshine and just a touch of wind to remind us it wasn't quite Spring yet.  The trail was marked every 200 metres so when we had crossed 1km I wanted to check if my Nike+ sensor was tracking accurately so I pulled out my iPod to check, at that moment - Sadie (the dog) decided to cross in front of me. I went tripping over her or her leash, head first and landed on my arms - the iPod went flying out of my hands about 10 feet in front of me.  I was fine, my left hand/arm took the brunt of my fall and was very sore yesterday, I thought I might have sprained it but it's just a little sore today so I think it's fine. My right hand is slightly bruised and sore but other than that - I came out unscathed. My poor iPod though - thankfully it works - the glass didn't crack, but the metal rim around the touch screen is all dinged and scratched up - it looks like it's been through a war.  Oh, and Sadie - she's fine. I thought I might have hurt her when I tripped over her, but Tina said she's fine, she's a big dog and I think when she saw me coming down she got out of the way pretty quickly!

Through all that though - it was calibrated perfectly and tracked the 1km right on the dot!

We ended up walking 3.6 km in total.

Today I'm off for my lunchtime walk in a few minutes and then am meeting another friend tonight for a walk either along the Oakville stretch of Lakeshore Road or at an indoor walking track for at least another 3 km.

Foodwise, I'm doing ok. I'm down 3 of my 6 lbs and still chugging away at the other three. I'm back to basics starting today. Counting points - but committing to eating more of them than I was before - and committing to exercise every day. I know life will throw some spanners in the works now and again and I won't always get 7/7 days but if I commit to them I am more likely to hit 6/7 than if I commit to nothing, you know? When I first started this over a year ago, I had 3 simple rules - I am going back to them starting today and reminding myself that this WORKED, there is no reason for it to not work again.

1. Write down everything I eat.
2. Stay within my WW points (including flex and activity).
3. Move at least 30 min every day.

Pretty simple huh? How did it get so complicated? Where did I go wrong?  At this point, I don't want to dwell on it anymore, I just want to do it and move forward.

Come with me!


  1. Ouch!
    Glad it wasn't more serious of a fall!
    It seems simple, but it isn't always easy.
    Come on, let's go!

  2. I am with you !

    OUCH on the fall !It sadly sounds like something I have done, but substitute a dog for print in the floor tiles, leprechaun drafts or other such nonsense !
    With the bread- that is one thing that I will always buy instead of make, simply for portion control.Bread making is an art that gets slightly changed with each loaf due to atmospheric conditions. More humid means more flour needed to get the proper consistency loaf. Then slicing each loaf into 16 ( or however many slices) is not always consistent because of the final loaf size, shape and weirdness. Homemade bread tastes wonderful, is cheaper and is free from a lot of undesirable things, but terrible from a point of portion control and caloric count. Commercial baked bread, which is made in a climate controlled environment , wins hands don for this. I keep looking for those bagels here- I really want to try them !

  3. some times the easier things work the best, like the KISS method - "Keep it simple Stupid"...I'm by no means calling you stupid just a reference :-). Those are some great goals for the week Enz!

    Sorry about your fall, so glad you and sadie are ok though.

  4. Glad you weren't hurt worse! Sorry your iPOD took a hit - mine is so special to me I'd be upset if something happened to it. But it's a thing - a luxury. I live in the Philly area and so far can't find the bagel thins. I'll be interested to read your review.

    Your plan sounds reasonable and doable. Good work knocking off 3 of the 6 lbs. And I love your haircut!

  5. Simple works... it just requires patience.

  6. Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself with that fall. I hope you have a 'simple' week ;o)!

  7. Hey Enz, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you're okay after your fall. Good luck with tracking!

  8. Ohhh your last sentence summed it up all so well. You are a treasure.

    Sorry about your spill thank goodness you are ok - that happened to me with my golden retriever Sandie (hmmm names are close)many years ago - I still have a lump in my breast from that (or is that TMI??)

  9. great job moving forward!

  10. I like how you're going back to basics! Excellent choice. I quite enjoy the Thomas Bagel Thins...they are chewier than the Weight Watcher bagels and I think they end up as 1 point with their fiber content.