Mar 6, 2010

Day 42 - The Beck Diet Solution

We did it !

We're at the last day. If you've been with me all along, I hope you've learned something, or at least been entertained :)

If you've just started, I encourage you to read from Day 1, there's a link at the top of the blog just for the Beck Diet posts.

There are two more chapters after the last day that  I will write about as well, but this is the official last day of the program.

Beck's advice on this day is "Practice, Practice, Practice".

She reminds us to continue all our good habits and use our response cards when we need them as well as on a daily basis.

She reminds us the road won't always be easy.

She reminds us that we have the tools we need to succeed. They are within us. We can do it.

I know I can. I know you can too.

I know I'm strong and determined. I know how much I want this. I know it's not always easy, but   I know there's no choice except to go forward each day.

It's taken me a lot longer than 42 days to go through the program, mostly because I wanted to be comfortable with one strategy before I moved on to another.  I did learn a lot of new strategies and a lot about myself in doing some of her exercises. Some things were reaffirmed for me and some things I just didn't agree with.

At the end of the day, I'm glad I went through her process and I think I am smarter, stronger  and more forgiving of myself for having done it. It's not for everyone and her writing style does get a bit preachy and dry, but I think if you keep an open mind and a willing attitude - you'll learn something too.


  1. Her writing style might be preachy and dry, but yours wasn't. So, I learned the Beck program from Enz! Thanks for doing the hard work!!! :) Enjoy the fabulous sunshine!!

  2. I really admire how dedicated you have been with the Beck book. I'll confess: I never made it to the end and I've incorporated very little of what I read. But her ideas have "settled in" in a way that they do come to mind and help me out sometimes for sure.

    I sent you buddy invite on fatsecret. Not that I have been tracking much lately. :(

    So glad you are a Nike+ convert. I still love mine! I hope they get that mini thing changed up on the Nike+ site so you can share your mini. I bet she's cute!

  3. Thank you for sharing the journey through the book. I got impatient with it and I'm glad you didn't.
    Your posts were brilliantly written.

  4. I'm definitely going to read more about this, thanks. Enz, please stop by my blog, I have a blogger award there waiting for you. :)

  5. Wahoo, Enz! Good job on completing this program. I wasn't very familiar with the program but you peaked my interested. I've gone back and read your posts for the month(s) that I was off the blogs. Definitely entertaining! :)

  6. That was a good ride - thanks!

  7. So what are you gonna write about on your blog now?

  8. I thought for sure I had clicked on you to follow -
    Now it's official! YAY

  9. Thanks for the support on my blog! And congrats on finishing the program!