Mar 22, 2010

Who Has Seen The Wind?

Not only have I seen the wind, I fought it and won!

Mother Nature and Brother Wind did their best today to blow me over. They pummeled with gusts and pushed me sideways, driving the rain and cold into my eyes and face but I didn't let them stop me - I just kept pushing back.

From Spring to Winter in less than 3 days in Toronto. March is determined to go out like a lion. Tonight we are supposed to have freezing rain!

Another good day today, it's amazing how when I feel well I want to do the right things, and it is easy and effortless and when I don't feel well, I just seem to not care and everything is so hard.

Every day feels like a fight sometimes - but not today. Today was an easy day and I'm grateful for that. Everything seemed to fall into place (except the weather) and it was easy to eat right and get out and exercise today.

Points Eaten 26/26 + 9 FP
Activity Points Earned 3
Moving (goal 420 min)
Week Total

39 min - 3.06 km
39 min (381 to goal)


  1. I'm glad you had a good day. I agree with you, feeling well sure helps in making the right choices!

  2. Its wonderful that you had such a good day! Hope Spring makes a permanent appearance there soon. :)

  3. Congrats on conquering the elements!

    Glad to see your day worked out!

  4. I'm glad it was an easy day despite the crappy weather we are having! It's ruining my running training! Next time I go to Sherway, I'll let you know. I had supper at the Pickle Barrel- I used to work at the North York location. I was amazed at their nutritious choices and good prices.

    When the hard days come, remember an easier day is coming!

  5. Great day ! And I think I am weird, but strong winds make me feel alive, motivated and blissfully happy for some reason.

  6. I definitely agree about how much easier it is when I'm feeling good! Glad you had a good day :)